An open letter to those of the East Wild.

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  1. After one of Coopers friends investigated the nearby compound of Nemier Vegas, I would like to write a letter

    Cooper has, in a message to me, told me that also in a outpost in the middle of former Snowv there was a particularly inappropiate area, which I am 100 percent sure is against the rules.

    Out in Nemier Vegas, today I recieved a startling find.

    One of Cooper's friends had gone there(I apologise for the creeper hole on their behalf, they couldn't see it until too late, at least from what they told me), and they found some... inappropiate references on the town noticeboard, as well as finding that they had claimed an island less than 500 blocks away from Cooper and had built there.

    It doesn't help that apparently nobody knew about who owned the area and nobody ever told me, until Cooper's friend made a startling find.

    A Wremian banner inside the town of Nemier Vegas, which nobody previously knew nothing of according to everyone.

    Either someone failed to contact me despite my request, or Nemier Vegas has moved from inappropiate references on their noticeboard to pickpocketing.

    I consider the EW honest, so I would go with option 2.0.

    Cooper has been harassed and therefore forced to move by Nemier Vegas, so I ask in an open letter to all of the east wild, that they help end this madness.

    The east wild should not have rude references. This server is from what I recall, family-friendly, and these signs, from witnesses, are not family-friendly.

    I hope we can resolve this as quickly as possible without any flaming.

    - kitten3101
  2. I really do not see why this has to be an open letter, seeing as you have yet to contact anyone who can address this issue. I am heading to the Neimer wastes atm to investigate.
  3. I made it open since we do not know the identities of the Neimer citizens yet.
  4. How would knowing their identities determine weather you should tell the locals first, or just tell everyone in an open letter? This thread may lead some to stereotype the East Wild of smp9 as being inappropriate for children, when in fact, if your allegations are true, 99.99% of the East Wild is not that way.
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  5. My allegations are only of certain areas.

    I did not tell the local community first because previously people have helped Voxel, however when I then ask Voxel for names so Cooper can inquire, people start telling me to stop and leave Voxel alone.

    I don't want to cause an argument, so please.
  6. You are told to leave voxel alone when you consistently bug him for names he doesn't know. The ins tence you are talking about is also diffrent in its very nature. Cooper should also be the one doing this as he is the person with the issue, you cannot even get onto EMC. Please don't make this more public than it must be. This can, and should be discussed in a private message.
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  7. I'm sorry Rock, but I'm going to put out my honest opinion.

    I don't bug him. Voxel does know because he has talked to them, heck, Cooper trying to find out was the topic of the conversation before it got derailed.
    I would have made this private if everyone could be cooperative, however it seems from my apology PM everyone still has a 2nd NR attitude towards me.

    I maybe cannot Rock, but maybe Cooper would have done negotiations himself if people had not called him my alt and scared him off.

    There. I won't let this cause a flame war, so how about we present our honest opinions peacefully?
  8. Most of us show a "2ND NR" attitude because you have done almost nothing of substance to show us you have changed, for instance most of us (East Wild leaders) would start a convo with each other asking if anyone knew anything about a settlement, then if we weren't accusing anyone of anything and no one knew anything rather than keeping on asking we would go ahead and move on to other methods

    So here is my honest opinion, everyone else can cooperate just fine. You seem to be the only one with a problem. Maybe you need to change your approach. That's all I'm going to say, I'm glad this hasn't devolved to a flame war.
  9. the purpose of this entire thread is essentially a flame war. this could of been handled in pm's
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  10. I don't understand why kitten3101 still hangs around here even after being perm banned? I see him causing trouble all over the place with his radical ideals. Why staff allows this is beyond me... :confused:
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  11. Hi kitten, I'd recommend perhaps, that you'd be wise not to interact with the forums any more until/if you are unbanned and back playing on emc. Even cooper hasn't been on smp9 for months so I can't really see why you're contributing to so many threads being that you or cooper haven't interacted with the east wild in actually connecting and playing on the server for so long. Unfortunately, being that somehow a lot of you're comments are causing tension maybe just think about staying quiet until/if you're unbanned.
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  12. Cooper has not been allowed on because he is a family member, alternate account policy and all that.

    And why are people making such insulting comments? I'm not recreating the 2nd NR, I'm trying to get Nemier Vegas to respond.
  13. so pm their leadership, this is not the correct way to do this
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  14. I would, however in the past, my inquiries have been disregarded as soon as Voxel finds out, effectively making it useless.

    This also is not mainly about contacting EW leaders, however I have figured out things and mailed respective leaders of the towns where the inappropriate references are housed.

    I do not however know the Nemier Vegas leaders, so for them, I had to make it an open letter.
  15. no you really didnt, you could of contacted the respective leadership of the wildbases out there which you are well aware of and asked them to relay the message, instead you made it public. this is the same thing as making an i was griefed thread except you are making the public aware of a dispute that does not even concern you. you are banned, the person griefed isnt you, and the persons you are accusing of the griefing are unknown. leave in game matters to people that can actually get in game please and dont make public shaming threads about other outposts.
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  16. I am closing this thread. If there is a griefing that needs to be reported it can be reported to a staff member for investigation. Other than that this is a convo that is best done in private.
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