An Interesting Incident in the wastelands

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  1. Tonight I hopped onto EmpireMinecraft ready to work on an elytra launcher for the smp2 waste (/waste w) to allow going to the end easier. The design I was testing out was the one that utilized the "kick" mass amounts of boats give (Link to the design is here) Anyways, I had completed the build using a little bit over 4 DCs of Birch Boats when I realized I had messed up on the design. I decided it would be best to try and recover what materials I could and try to redo the build process. Well, in my mind I had imagined I would destroy all the blocks and save the boats for last but it didn't exactly go to plan... :eek:

    The pile of boats began to "explode" and massively disperse everywhere...

    Boats were absolutely everywhere... Me, ChipLordTurtle, XendorDawnBurst, and EmberAzalea all had some fun with the boat mania. We trapped a creeper and thus Jeremy the DJ (DJeremy) was born...

    This is Jeremy

    Me taking a selfie with Jeremy :)

    The end to the beloved Jeremy after he blew himself up :(

    With Jeremy dead, we had to find someone to fill the hole he left in our hearts. Thats when Zipper Zapper Zombie Rapper (tm) showed up at our feet

    Zipper Zapper (and yes he was an enraged zombie)

    Zipper Zapper in the sound booth getting ready to drop his next mixtape

    Zipper was a bit preoccupied with his Music so we decided to go find some other stuff to investigate. I saw a lonely zombie in a boat so I decided to go comfort it and join it. I mean EMC is no tinder but love is love :p

    Me and Zombella

    Feeling a bit nostalgic, and missing the Jeremy, we decided to find a new creeper friend. That's when we found Roger! :D

    This is roger

    Unlike Jeremy, Roger is well behaved and does NOT blow him buddies up :cool:

    That sums up what I did with my evening on EMC, weird but very fun and amusing. For anyone wanting to check out what's left of the boat mania, you can find it on /waste w on smp2 :)
  2. I made the ugliest noise trying to hold a laugh in when I just read this. I'm glad you eventually found the ultimate friend in Roger, even if he may be a little...creepy. ;)
  3. I am quite sure those launchers will not work on EMC as we have collision off for anti-pvp.
  4. Oh this is too good. I wish all days on emc were this much fun. Thank you for sharing. :p
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  5. A lot of people have tried this launcher on EMC, all being unsuccessful.
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  6. I was able to make a semi-working version. The one that worked would only launch you up 10-30 blocks when it was designed to launch you 300-400 but it didn't totally fail. If you want to go check it out, it's on a hill by where all the boats are :)
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  7. With the rollback happening, it's as if this never happened...

    The launcher that originally caused the boat explosion

    The valley of the boats (but without any of the boats)

    It's almost as if all of that never happened and was just part of a dream; a figment of my imagination... :p
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  8. how did you name a creeper and get it to ride in a boat with you?