An honest question for the SMP9 East Wild Camps.

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  1. As rude is this is going to sound, is there a legitimate reason why you all feel the need to argue over everything no matter how insignificant? This is a video game people, not a bunch of real countries fighting with each other. Everyone is getting bored of hearing how Wild Camp X is being a pain to Wild Camp Y.

  2. I say we take all the outposts, and PUSH them somewhere else!

    But seriously, some of this drama has seen staff involvement. Note to all outposts: Be nice to each other, ok?
  3. I do and do not agree with you... As the EMC is Empire Minecraft, players create Outpost for the Empire. The Outpost may grown extremely large in size and population,but will not compare to the Empire. That's what I think why we have outpost,also to create a group and survive out of the Empire and into the wild. I agree with you since the outpost can get crazy and branch off into small towns which creates a border issue,in which players will have to divide the outpost that causes drama. Other outpost will not come into an agreement if one outpost decides to randomly expand where the other outpost was planning to expand.
    But, those are just my opinions...
  4. Because it's quite hard not to when ignorant members aren't respecting you.

    [redacted] - Do not be rude, or attempt to spark flame wars
  5. Pointing out names is even worse Kitten. You don't want to start flame wars but unfortunately they follow you in a blazing hurricane. :/
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  6. I tried to be polite. I tried to be helpful. I tried to be supportive and just maybe give you the benefit of doubt.
    And it is painfully obvious you didn't learn a damn thing. Just... go away. Leave, and take all your petty drama with you. This [censored] has got to stop.
  7. [Context redacted]You need to put more thought into your comments and actions.

    You continue to advertise your outpost in other outposts threads, which in itself is not very bad, but then you make comments about how superior your outpost is and it turns into an offensive, degrading comment.

    People have tried to offer advice, we've shared with you, ways to improve your relations, but you don't accept any of this and just continue to as above.

    One thing you need to understand is that a political system just doesn't work. There aren't enough players and the game isn't set up to support it. Estona has a basic working political system, but in all honesty, the person in charge has supreme power, and really, the only thing stopping the leader from not holding an election is the risk that staff may get involved when it turns into a flamewar.
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  8. I've cleaned this thread up, and will be handing punishments where necessary. Unfortunately this thread didn't serve its purpose, but let's hope that a break from EMC will.
  9. I came to the same realization. There is only so much complexity an EMC outpost can handle and even with a simple set of additional game mechanics, it requires a lot of dedication from its members.

    So, the problem is then solved for now. I am sure the smp9 outposts will return back to peaceful coexistence :)
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  10. I advertise?

    Another player tells me off for saying Snowv in his thread.

    Couple of days later, he comes into my old thread saying BLACKWOOD IS NOW PART OF ESTONA :)
  11. this is precisely the reason emc staff didnt want different wildbases in such close proximity
  12. I'm not the one being rude when *redact* is pointing out on the Nation of Volt thread TRYING TO KEEP HIS TEXT INVISIBLE that my posts have no likes.

    Right now I'm going to say:

    I'm not in a bloody two nation alliance that both are established for some weird and odd reason.

    EDIT: Aaaaand... Banned for five hours. Hope the moderator gets the chance to ban *redact* for too for that.
  13. Keep in mind most Empires fell because of things wanting independence/'developing a mind of their own'/arguing over things and other stuff ;)
    1. Stop being so disrespectful and rude, or you'll wind up getting a permanent ban instead of waiting for 5 hours that are insignificant in your life.
    2. No outpost should be 'allied' or 'enemies'. Everyone on the Empire is united under the same banner, and therefore every outpost is a friend of eachother. The Wild Communities on SMP9 take their Outposts way too seriously and start declaring eachother enemies and complaining and arguing with others (a lot of the time, they even argue with their own members). You're not real countries, you're not real Prime Ministers/Presidents/Dictators, you don't have real armies. You just have a space of land in the wilderness, the creator of the outpost who dictates its rules (that's pretty much all), and a bunch of players trying to have fun and then getting involved in unneeded political arguments - which can lead to them sometimes being banned. I have been a member of two SMP9 communities, and been a part of and founded multiple wilderness communities on other servers, I can pretty much safely say that until all the SMP9 outposts stop arguing with eachother and make friends, i'm not joining one of them.
  14. Oh joy a real post that is thought out more than the OP I made when rolled my eyes into orbit last night.

    With this thread turning into, once again, more proof that the SMP9 camp leaders have egos the size of Jupiter, I'll actually something.

    Deflate your egos.

    Seriously, it's getting old. To be honest it got old when the NR internally combusted. A lot of the SMP9 outposts seem to be rather inactive at this point, but none of the leaders seem to know why. Implying my opinion means anything, my guess is that no one wants to join an outpost where people declare war on each other. If EMC was a PVP server then it would make sense, but considering its not it makes a grand total of zero sense. The SMP9 wild was fun for awhile until everyone decided that the wild should be "srs bsns." Sure it can be, but its not in the sense of having government that feels the need to dictate over every other camp, while being dictated over by another. It isn't fun, it isn't interesting, and the longer this keeps going on the farther down the pit you guys are digging will get.

  15. I'm not a one in a alliance.

    I'm the one being left out on purpose and only got into the Eastern Bear Union after a while talking to the person running it...
  16. On topic, yet off topic at the same time:
    The Witch Hut Outpost is still running strong!

    Also, y'all remember what Alex said, and think before you post
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  17. ...
    So you're in an alliance?
  18. Seems that this thread is causing few arguments with a few members and have been warned Alexchance about this morning. At this point if a member is intensely rude or say rude remarks about a player will results in a tempban in-game there are no buts, if about it. Emc staff at this point are tired of arguing and name-calling between these Smp9 wild communities.
  19. js my wild outpost on smp9 has never had any drama

    or visitors.... :)
  20. More of a UN thingy that hasn't done much apart discuss not letting people put TNT at certain heights in our outposts.