An (Empire) Minecraft puzzle / riddle

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  1. Hi gang,

    I'm bored (sort off, I'm actually a bit tired because of work :confused:) so... while waiting for a friend to come online for a short mining session riddle me this...

    A player who has 50r stands next to a river close to a forest. His inventory is completely full with spoils from mining and he's together with a pig, a wolf and a rabbit. This is his inventory:

    The crafting table is a labor bench, so he can't place this down. The 2 books are Silk Touch and Frost Walker II. Also: he came from a cave where there were still some iron ores left.

    The problem

    Our player does not want to kill the animals. But he also doesn't want the animals to kill themselves. If he walks off then he's sure that the wolf will eventually kill the pig and perhaps the rabbit.

    So how can the player get to the other side of the river without killing the animals, without letting the animals kill themselves and without using /dispose to throw stuff away?

    Tip: We're talking about Empire Minecraft (otherwise I'd posted in general Minecraft), so custom EMC commands apply.

    I'll share the answer tomorrow :)
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  2. Craft the coal into blocks, use a carrot to lure the rabbit and pig over to a tree, chop down the tree and make a boat, go back, stick the wolf and player in a boat, cross, to back, take pig, cross, deposit pig and take wolf, cross, deposit wolf and take rabbit, cross, deposit rabbit, cross, pick up wolf, cross, and go about your merry way. :)
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  3. just use the dirt to make a fence around the wolf
  4. but can u put animals in boats? not sure about that ^.^

    but i also think the carrot should be used to lure the friendly animals away.
  5. Yes, since 1.9 you can have passengers in the new boats.

    Direct quote from here:

    Boats can support two riders, including mobs. Mobs are 'picked up' by riding a boat near them. In Pocket Edition, a mob can drive the boat without the aid of the player. Only the player/mob that boarded first can control the boat.
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  6. Put the shield in the left hand and the sword in your right. Kill some skeletons walking around in the forest. Take the bones they drop and tame the wolf. Craft the coal into block form. Cut down some wood and fence the other two animals in a pen. Go back into the cave and mine that ore. Assuming that you have some wood left over craft a boat and cross that river.
  7. First thought was labor bench for coal blocks, lure them to woods with a carrot, make stick, egg them all, cross the river. But that sly Shel specified the player only has 50r. Could only be done as a supporter this way and just egg the wolf.

    I will ponder on it some more.
  8. Pls answer im doing a confuse
  9. /tell (friend of your choosing) can I borrow 300r? Or /vote
    Turn coal into blocks, put shield in off hand, get some wood, eggify the animals then make a boat, go get the iron, use boat to cross river.
  10. Yups, sorry for being a little late. Got a bit busy & distracted yesterday.

    It's a bit of a tease and a puzzle: the player thinks the wolf is going to eat the pig & rabbit, but we're playing on an EMC environment. Therefor there's only risk for the wolf to attack the rabbit. So equip the carrots, lead the pig & rabbit to the forest and then unequip the carrots. The rabbit will now run off, while also trying to avoid the wolf (easier when there's trees).

    Next you jump into the water and simply swim across ;)

    I'll try something a bit harder next time.
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  11. Rhy's solution was good too though, right? ;)
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  12. Probably even better :) With these things there really isn't one single solution, that's the 'Minecraft problem' and why we have adventure mode :)
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