An Empire Christmas AKA free stuff!

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  1. xmasloo.png
    (Terribad logo by me, myself and I)

    Twas the month before Christmas,
    and all through the Empire,
    not a creature was stirring,
    not even an IcecreamCow.

    Aikar had ruined the economy,
    the previous year,
    I can't rhyme,

    More poem to be revealed as time goes on ; )
    So yeah, call me Santa Jack or whatever just as bad names you can think of. I've got free stuff for everyone, and decided that Christmas can come early to the Empire! So, "what free stuff" I hear you say, although I can't actually hear you as this is the internet, and unless you're exceptionally mad, you probably didn't say it. Well, basically anything.

    I'll be randomly giving out free items throughout the next month if you pretend this is December. Call this a little chance to get prepared. So, starting December 1st, anyone with an access chest at the spawn point of their first res who posts here will receive a collection of free items!

    You could receive anything, from diamonds, to emeralds, to 9001 stacks of cobble - and I mean literally anything (excluding dirt as that's all icky).

    So yeah, setup an access chest for me at your first reses spawn now until the December the 20th and post here, wait a few days and you'll get some free stuff! =D It's not really more complicated than that - anyone can enter, although if you enter multiple times using alts, I'll vomit Maxarias up all over you. It's one free chest-that-wont-be-a-full-chest-of-stuff per person, and make sure you post here so that I know you've got one setup!

    (oh, and stuff starts being given out Dec 1st, but you can setup chests and let me know that they're there starting... NOW!)

    stl;dr (Somehow to long, didn't read)
    Setup an access chest for me at your reses' spawn and post here for free stuff!!!11)

    Merry early Christmas everyone!
    and/or other religious or non religious festival
  2. okay, 432 would have some donating :D

    [EDIT] muhahah, I've now fulifilled my desire to post the first comment on a post, that is awesome :D
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  3. Sounds good.
    10398 will be up soon.
  4. Awesome Jack! Nice poem and ending!
    A chest at my res spawn will come soon!(Late tonight)
  5. 9140, SMP4 Done both JackBiggin's
  6. I read your little poem as a rap and it turned out much better.

    I'll set up a chest soon. Thanks, Santa Jack.:)

    EDIT: Res 2335, top of tree. (Don't jump!)
  7. I will set up a chest. Thanks!
  8. I will set you up a chest at 14664 Jack! Thanks you oh kind Sandy Claws!
  9. :) thx santa jack, ill set up a chest for u at smp7 14526
  10. 19379 SMP9 i put a double chest down because I dont know how much you will give me :p
  11. Awesome!! I will have a chest set up on smp1 Res: 2013 :)
    Thank you Santa Jack! :)
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  12. 4230 smp2 Santa!
  13. Setting up a chest :) Happy Christmas Everyone!
  14. Oh yeah It'll be at 9088 on SMP4, are we allowed to be greedy piggies and set up one on our alt residences with our alt accounts?
  15. LOL

    I didn't know which account you would be on so I put JackBiggin and JB2. Had CamerinDrake and Britbrit3197 do the same xD
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  16. Yup. Done. I usually lurk but she told me to do it. Something about be more active :rolleyes:.
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  17. Put one up. Lots of give-aways lately. I need to check forums more.
  18. I like this idea, I'll set up a chest whenever I can
  19. A chest is set up at 19117 Jack. Good Christmas spirit.
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  20. DonexP smp5 - 10758 :}