An Automated Railway System(tm)

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  1. Hi,

    After some headaches, I finally managed to design and build a railway system that:

    - Works on the long-range scale (that is, thousands of blocks if needed);
    - Allows to select the destination from the starting point;
    - Doesn't require a different railway track for every destination.

    How it works

    At the starting point, a redstone mechanism places a hopper cart in front of the player's cart. That hopper cart is the coding cart. It is filled with colored wool (any item could actually work). There is:

    - One wool color that is the reset color. It is used to reset a railway switch in its default position;
    - All other colors are selection colors. Each selection color can activate (turn) a railway switch, a power rail, and so on.

    At every station along the way, there are two hopper sorters under the railway track:

    1: First item sorter, 2: Second item sorter, 3: RS latch, 4: Collector for used wool.

    - The first takes a block of the reset color from a passing by hopper cart, and turns the railway switch in its default position;
    - The second takes a colored block and turns the switch out of the default position.

    So the path is changed as the hopper cart rides over, following the wool color code it contains. As long as the player cart is following the hopper cart, both stay in the same loaded chunks, and thus, there's no range limit.

    The Starting Point

    General view of the starting point mechanism.

    The first station on the line - the "main hub" - has a frame-based selector, so the traveller can pick its destination. Then a button is pushed, and a hopper cart in prepared and filled with the appropriate color code. A passenger cart is also readied on the track.

    The destination selector.

    The traveller can then sit down and push the "start" button. At that point, the hopper cart is launched, and the passenger cart follows. An optional 3rd cart can be inserted between them, for example to carry extra freight or a friend :).

    1: The passenger cart starting point. 2: extra cart starting point. 3: hopper cart starting point.

    Currently, both the hopper carts and wool stocks need to be resupplied manually at the starting station - there is no way (yet) for hopper carts to return automatically. And there is no destination selector in any of the secondary stations, simply because it takes a lot of time and resources to build one :)

    In any case, I hope this design will be helpful for those building complex outpost railway systems. And maybe someone will find ways to improve it !

    If anybody is interested in the schematic, it can be downloaded on .

    Advices and improvements welcome !
  2. I love this, very nice work you did here! Which residence is this on? If possible I'd really like to take a quick peek there :)
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  3. "Residence" ? Mmm... I think I remember what it is... ;)

    To answer this, it isn't built in a residence. It is somewhere in the frontier. That's partly why I provided the schematics - it would make it easier for others to have a look at it. But of course I'll PM you the directions to have a tour of it.