An AMA, because I felt like it

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  1. I woke up and felt like doing one of these.

    So ask away...
  2. Will you punish my soul?
  3. Since i'm a contributor, i'm expected to be a walking encyclopedia about the Empire and was told by an ex-staff member i'm supposed to set an example for the community and have a part in representing it. So, unless you want me to punish it so you can learn things, then no. Not in public and where people will know, atleast c:<
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  4. So why Mikasa?
  5. I should just create a little document to save this list. . .

    Favorite EMC Moment?
    Favorite EMC Feature?
    First Impression of EMC?
    Favorite Food?
    Favorite Beverage?
    Favorite Sport?
    Favorite Team in the Above Sport?
    Favorite Novel?
    Favorite Movie?
    Favorite Television/Hulu/Stars/HBO/ETC. Show?
    Favorite Song?
    Favorite Band?
    Favorite Game?
    Favorite Game Series?
    Favorite Season?
  6. Because Mikasa is cool.
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  7. B-but...
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  8. Will you eat this Iron golem i found? U know to help with your daily iron intake please?
  9. Waiting for JustinGuy to log in and being held hostage by Faithcaster and JackBiggin with about forty other people in a little glass box filled with lava for about four hours.
    Eggification because I like to turn things into eggs.
    "This tutorial is stupid.". Ran through it, got into town and my friend had to talk me through how to do things (he referred me to EMC in school that day, and I have to thank him immensely for that). The tutorial in reality, is really easy. I don't get what part of it the 11 year old me didn't understand.
    Either coke or tea. I'm not entirely sure.
    Forgive me for how un-British i'm being right now, but hockey. I can't stand football (or soccer for Americans).
    I sort of just watch random matches I find on video streaming sites like I do with wrestling, so I don't really have one.
    Any of the Assassin's Creed books, Hunger Games books, and I would love to say any of the ASOIAF books, but i've only read the first few chapters of Game of Thrones in the local ASDA before my mum told me to put it down because it's not for kids. (<-- Which I kind of knew already. Thank you internet.)
    I don't really have one. I like any of the Hunger Games movies, the Hobbit movies, the first three Die Hards, and a few others.
    The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Attack on Titan and Doctor Who.
    People running by Jack's Mannequin.
    Fallout: New Vegas or Age of Empires II.
    Assassin's Creed.
    I don't have one. From 2010 - 2013, it snowed about three times a year. This year, all we got was flooding :c
  10. Do you often read books?
  11. He was saved by Erren after he was done being a fool and nearly got him killed. He isn't cool :p
    Does he come in cereal form?
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  12. I don't buy very many new books, so i've read all the ones I already have (I have about 900 books :p), but I read comics a lot.
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  13. Ah, buying books :p
    I think in the Netherlands most people are member of a library :)
  14. If a cake was made into a pie, would carrots grow on the roof?
  15. Library membership in my town costs more than its worth. I'd rather go on Amazon and buy a book for £12 or less than pay £20 a month to rent books from a library.
  16. wait you have to pay for library membership
    *pulls out tissue*
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  17. Yes. They also charge you for renting the books. It's cheap like, but still more trouble than its worth.
  18. What is the meaning of life, the universe, and my amazing hair?
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