AmusedStews Failproof Guide to Getting Quartz!

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  1. I have seen countless people say how horrible the nether is and how they die in it so much. This guide will make sure you don't die.

    Supplies to bring:
    Be prepared, without preparing you are sure to die.
    • Pickaxe- Preferably Diamond with silk touch or fortune.
    • Fire Resistance 8:00 potions- Bring at least 5 potions
    • Ender pearls- In a sticky situation? Toss a pearl!
    • Sword- Those pesky nether hounds.... make sure your sword is sharp!
    • Ender Chest- I prefer to die after gathering a bunch of quartz, fast travel ftw!
    • Fooood- You gotta eat!
    • Basic Diamond Armor or better!
    To start off you will want to do /wnether, choose an outpost and head out. DO NOT DRINK POTIONS!
    Only drink potions once you have fallen in lava or fire, make sure there is a potion on your hotbar at all times!
    You will encounter structures like nether fortresses, avoid them. Your focus is quartz.
    Keep on mining your quartz, if you fall in lava do not panic. You have about 10 seconds give or take to drink that potion, do it then.
    If you are traveling around and cannot seem to find any quartz, throw a pearl and keep throwing them until you find more quartz.
    Once you have 18 stacks of quartz ore or 18 stacks of blocks, pack up the enderchest with armor, tools, and quartz. Kill yourself.
    - I wrote this at almost 12 AM, I will read through and edit what needs editing in the morning. Hope this helps some.
    -Also, PM me if you need DL to failthful 32x pack without the fire texture covering your whole screen.
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  2. Quick Tip: Make sure you have food?
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  3. As I said this was written at 12AM, kinda forgot that part.
  4. I do things a little differently, this is my way of doing it.
    Items I bring:
    10 obsidian + flint and steel: like to go 500-1000 blocks out in the wastelands and spawn a portal. This is to make sure I get fresh chunks with tons of quartz.
    Enderchest: Same reason as above, Fast travel back home.
    Ender Pearls: To get around a bit easier.
    Bow with infinity enchant: Ghasts. If you have a voter's bow use that! It frees up another item in your enderchest.
    Arrow: For the bow.
    Sword: Nether Hounds. Same thing as bow. If you have a soulbound sword use that!
    Diamond Pickaxe with fortune 3: More quartz per block.
    Stack of Food.

    I don't bring fire resistance potions. I play on a semi-laggy machine, and I haven't died to lava in my last 20 trips to the nether. I only use non enchanted diamond armor as well.

    This is the way I do it. I would actually recommend the guide above, except I would use the portal in the wastelands trick.

    I have used this method for the last 2 months and have gathered over 2 double chests of quartz blocks. I have only died once and that was from a ghast knocking me off an edge.
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  5. I dont bother with bringing a bow, ghasts are annoying but they really cannot kill you so I do not bother. The only reason I do not bother with doing overworld portal is because I can throw 10 enderpearls and be in new chunks faster than traveling in overworld :).

    Thanks for suggestion.
  6. Nice advice, I will use this from now on :)
  7. For the Ender chest part, you would need a lot of obsidian and poor endermen killed. Also wouldn't you lose your xp if you die?

  8. You don't lose Exp on EMC
  9. Personally I do most of the guide except the die part. I always travel outpost to outpost. Normally I bring 10 stacks of ender pearls and have a blast traveling up down and around everything.
  10. Hmmm... nice little guide! :D It kind of worries me that by now I'm so accustomed to dying that I looked at that title and thought, "I will manage to find a way" immediately. :p
  11. Oh you don't? I should try dying xD
  12. I remember when I was new to MC and I fell off a path like 4 times trying to quartz mine then people started to make fun of me XD
  13. I'll usually hunt the ghasts to prevent them from blasting the exposed quartz ore. So an Infinity Bow is a must for me.

    Plus I <3 them tears. Nice tips, Stew. :)
  14. What else can i say
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  15. :p so much for this guide. Used enderpearls and teleported into lava and died, i had fire res but i hit the wrong slot key :(
  16. I tried this and a hacker came onto the server and one-hit killed me.

    I rate this guide -1/10 :p
  17. My guide does not help with those situations, sorry. :p
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