[AMA] Pigs 5000th post! :D

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by hoi, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. It's my 5000th post, and I wanted to make an ask me anything thread! :D

    I remember the day I passed JustinGuy in posts, spam spam spamitty spam. :p

    I already missed my 1 year, so, upcoming will be my 500th day, and I'll be celebrating, but, it'll be a secret, until it gets closer.
  2. Why do you like pigs so much? :3
  3. Well, to be honest, I've been on the farm some, and I've grown very fond to pigs, but, I live in the city now, so, I've grown apart from them, so I show my love to them, on EMC! :D
  4. congrats on 5k posts piggeh :)

    whats your fav block ;)
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  5. piggeh hwo mny ruppez do u hvae

    i lkie u can i has dem pls
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  6. Bacon cupcakes with muffins are the best combination?
    Can I haz your head?
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  7. Thanks! :D

    My favorite block is dirt. Dirt is good.
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  8. I haz .0000001 r
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  9. Aw yis.

    Speaking about heads, I really don't give them out anymore, 1.) Because I'm too lzay to go get one 2.) Too lazy.

    But, I could getcha one. :)
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  10. aka 1,000,000r? (your number backwards)
  11. Can I haz a bacon?
  12. ;)
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  13. Everyone can haz bacon.
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  14. Can I call you Sir Bacon? :3
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  15. Aw yis.
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  16. 5000+ posts! You chatterbox... ;)

    Hm, question, a question, need a question. Ah!

    How did you first come to join EMC?
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  17. Well, I was introduced to EMC by my brother, but he left, so I just use his account for daily rupee bonuses, and such. :)
    (gobstone308 is my brother)

    But, once I joined, I instantly fell in love with the community, the players, and the staff. They were so nice. NoobOfEpicness was the first person who greeted me to EMC, and BeLugh gave me my first job. :D

    I really don't have a big story like most people. :)
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  18. Hai piggeh...

    1) Why do you spam so much?
    2) Do you still waste money on Ocelot eggs?
    3) Can I haz ur .0000001 rupeez?
  19. New profile picture. Aw yis.
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