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  1. -Event has ended-

    Hello there everyone! So I've been on EMC for almost 40 days my ign is Darkangledav and I live on SMP9 Res 18323 and 18087 (I still cant remember these luls). I First found this server on some sort of server list or something I don't remember anymore. First thing about me is I love playing games mostly MMORPG but minecraft I like too because of the building aspect of it. I also love hugs :) (blame my ex). Ummm.. one more thing hmm.. Oh yea im a money hoarder :/

    Oh yea I almost forgot about the contest xD Anyways. Ask me a Question and your Post # will be your number (please do not post more then once unless its necessary) and ill use random.org to pick a number :)
    Prize: 5k
    Time Limit: November 20th 11:59 PM

    Well go ahead and ask me anything you want (unless its too personal).

    Heres some of the stuff i built in my short time here
    Untitled1.jpg Untitled.jpg Untitled2.png

    Oh yea one more thing. I LOVE ANIME & MUSIC and asian drama
  2. Can I have your sugar cane plz? :p
  3. no :U
  4. What are the limits of questions we can ask you?
    Like how many can we ask?
  5. aka one question
  6. Fine :l
    How do you like EMC so far? (People, Staff, Economy)
  7. What's your favorite anime?
  8. Davehh! Im bored :L

    Lets talk about MLP! so.. which pony is your fav? :p
  9. EMC is nice I love the economy part of it because im such a money hoarder. The people on it are cool (the older people and SOME of the new ones). Staff are staff :p they do wut they gotta do.

    I don't have any favorite anime cause I love them all but one of them that i really enjoy would be Shakugan no Shanna.

    Sure why not :p I fall asleep on them tho.

    ummm. Cake.
  10. Mr cake or mrs cake? :)
  11. Not really feeling the whole scremo/death metal sorry :L
    um mrs cake. stap it play you should skype me lmao :(
  12. I
    cant >:U im at school (skype is blocked :( so is facebook, twitter, youtube, Minecraft! ect..) im lucky to be able to come on this website
  13. bump for you night people
  14. What's Asian Drama?
  15. Korean Drama, Chinese Drama, Taiwanese Drama, Japanese Drama
  16. Aahhh. Never heard of it. I like your sig though.
  17. MMORPG... Hmmm.. Sword Art Online? Do you watch Anime by any chance?
  18. Gale or Peeta? :U You know what I mean, unless you don't listen to my PM's >:I