[AMA / Giveaway] 2 Years on EMC

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  1. The day has come, I am 2 years old on EMC as of August 6th. I can't believe it has been 2 years already on this server. Now I know many of you people probably don't know much about me even after being on the Empire for 2 years now, this thread will also be an Ask Me Anything thread as well.
    I would like to thank some of the people whom I have met and have made an impact on me. Thank you to those people for helping me along the way.

    -Luckygreenbird- Friend of 11 years, here is to 11 more..
    -Penguintwist1- Introduced me to EMC as well as Luckygreenbird.
    -BlackKnight1021- Awesome person who is a knight in real life.
    -Schlaf82- Inspiring person who makes amazing builds.




    BrenJone head, a Icitatus horse egg, a Double Chest of Iron ingots, 64 Emeralds, and a Double Chest of Endepearls.
    Pick a number 1-50 and once those slots are filled the number will be randomly generated and the winners will be announced. Once the winner is announced, the thread will remain open to questions.

    There will be three separate drawings: the winner of the first drawing will win the items listed, the winner of the second drawing will win 10,000r, and the winner of the second drawing will win 5,000r.
    *Note- there will be three separate winners.

    1. MrBigBux
    2. kippy159
    3. mman2832
    4. SkareCBoi
    5. XenomorphKing44
    6. Niallersgirl1706
    7. JaydenIrwin
    8. Crafter31211
    9. Skyman1212
    10. IronicSwordPlay
    11. epic0258
    13. Computrix
    14. Anonymouz710
    15. High_Jacker
    16. Ruari342
    17. DaemonspadeXD
    18. WolfThunderblade
    19. Ultimate_GG
    20. Faithcaster
    21. BlackKnight1021
    22. BabyCreepersRule
    23. Ark_Warrior1
    24. redfire23
    25. havioxs
    26. Cfcdog13
    27. deathconn
    28. karatekick2001
    29. Brothers22
    30. neonz59
    31. Hashhog3000
    32. generalfelino015
    33. porphos
    34. TechFilmer
    35. Daveiscool321
    36. BanditLM
    37. DJ_Krazy
    38. Ultimamaxx
    39. FallSteel
    40. Cowland123
    41. PureBredGaelige
    42. Gearmaster09
    43. MVPdrose
    44. Moonglum_
    45. BubbleNinja13
    46. Qwerty189
    47. iamfuturetrunks
    48. 607
    49. Crabcakes200m
    50. NathanRP
  2. What is your best memory from each smp?

    I'd like 27 please :)
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  3. smp1- a res with a hoard of dragon eggs
    smp2- krysyy's tardis
    smp3- building a full scale U.S.S. Arizona at LB Ind.
    smp4- ticking off an iron golem and surviving with half a heart
    smp5- fist bumping a wither at the mob arena
    smp6- having a 10 minute standoff with Luckygreenbird at the pvp arena
    smp7- the mega mall of severed heads
    smp8- sky diving off of schlafs empire state building
    smp9- FDNY's massive EMC museum
    utopia- building an overpowered sugarcane farm
  4. 19 please~! What was your first memory of EMC? (When you think of stuff you did on EMC, the first thing that comes into your mind is...?)
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  5. My first memory of EMC was when I built an airplane out of wool over my res and accidentally set it one fire, and the only things that survived were the nose and tail sections. :oops:
  6. 25 pleasee and do grapes have friends?
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  7. Number 2 please. Favorite SMP?
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  8. No, grapes are strong independent grapes and do need no friends. ;)
  9. Best Memory On EMC?
    First Large Project?
    23 please!
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  10. My home SMP8 of course. :)
  11. My best memory of EMC is probably the day i moved from my old res to my current res because i was finally closer to Luckygreenbird.
    My first large project was building a 100x100 mob farm, and to this day it is one of the mos deadliest places to be.
  12. Congrats :D

    18, please, and what was/is the most inspiring thing on the empire for you?
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  13. How well does it work?
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  14. Congrats on 2 years Bren! Although I haven't been around for all of them, I've enjoyed the days with you that I was/am around for. :D

    I will take #21. What is the best thing you ever made on EMC. Doesn't have to be physical, maybe some game or organization you made.
  15. The most inspiring thing for me on EMC was going on to a server that was nicely well managed, the players were nice when you joined and it just felt like you were welcomed on EMC. :)
  16. I'll let you know when it becomes operational. :D
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  17. 33! What is your response to this question? :D
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  18. My response to this question is an answer because with out answers then we would just have questions that have been left unanswered. :D
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  19. lol haha is it that giant dirt box?