[AMA]Foxy's 1600th day

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  1. Title explains it, who wants to ask questions to a Animatronic like myself :p
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  2. Why do you like the Five Nights at Freddy's skin so much? :p
  3. Alright first off it is the Foxy skin from Five Nights at Freddy's let's clear that up XD

    I enjoy being Foxy well because he is a character that matched my shifty not shady characteristics. For example, none of you younger members knew me. I joined back almost 10 months ago stating, "Hey I am clan23 coming back from a 3 year retirement hope to have fun :)"

    It was out of the blue like foxy coming into your office and that is how I ran for most of my time here. I've been gaining popularity (I think :s) of being that character that you don't expect. :p
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  4. Oh man. That old username and avatar. So old ;) It felt like last year...
  5. Almost lol! 2 more months and it will be my 1 year return back to EMC
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  6. How have you changed from day 1 on EMC to today?
  7. I will be honest, I had my moments of impurity. I wasn't the typical EMC veteran and I embraced that fact I wasn't. I had one comment to me about my alt conversations. He said, "For a old member yourself, you are being ridiculous." (Mind you that is in kind words) For a while I didn't think about it but it hit me more so than before. I was cheaky and jelous of others. I got angry if things were not turning right and things usally turned ugly. Not a good combination. I have vowed to myself after the UHC flame wars I will never be like that again. I am a little more calmer but I will say my mind if it touches a topic I like to express myself on.
  8. how did you find emc/what helped you stay when you first joined
  9. At the time I was in a stage where I loved to be a part of a town and create money doing odd jobs. Long while back before full release of Beta. I played on a server that was 1.7.2. Pistons were all the rage and things were simpler like no food bars, large caves, swamps, and sprinting. I joined this server god knows what the name was but I wanted to become a part of a city. I've done this by being a lumberjack and created a large amount of charcoal for major cities. I was the only one who did this and I made a good sum of money. By them I joined a city that was created by a blast of TNT. It was mind boggling the size of this was. I was there and soon enough I was bored and wanted to build out of boundaries. I grabbed my trusty stone axe and soon as I right clicked the door. I was given 64 doors. It was a loophole that I didn't expect. That is what ended the server when 4 griefers knew this and got a lot of bedrock.

    I joined into EMC expecting a small server from MC server list and I can get into the economy in. I did for a while but being the noob I was back then, I had no idea what prices were. (2r for each coal I check my rupee log :p) I got involved with two members that I know dearly, Fynriel and Malicaii12. Cyborg miners (My group) comes from those roots of us three players going out to a place and mine. It was the greatest fun but of course things couldn't be perfect for long. Fynriel I saw less and less and Malicaii12 became a moderator and he dealt with players than mining itself. Eventually I reset my residence and created a Sandstone/endstone place which offered a shop, farm, storage, and personal. I only got the farm and shop done and I was getting tired of the normal drag and by February 27th, 2012 I stated I was leaving. (link)

    By April 17th, 2015 I came back. (link) I wanted to see what the community was and how it changed since then. I was greeted with many "Welcome back!" and "Wow look he's the 309th member to join Empire!" all thoughtful comments. I didn't know what to expect and I stayed along to test the waters and here I am now still playing. I believe my major reason I stayed is the community. You guys are awesome and you kept a old member like me to keep with you guys :)
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  10. Is Earth "orbiting" or dancing?
  11. I think science has proven we are orbiting and I believe you got the dancing part from our Earth's tilt :p
  12. What are your goals on EMC now?
  13. My EMC goals currently get involved with the rest of the community, help others, and become Moderator ;)
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  14. How did u get into minecart skin designing?
  15. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck would chuck wood?
  16. Honestly, when I started editing my main skin what it is today. I figured I would edit skins for others. Eventually people wanted them so badly I closed my service and opened it to a new system where I choose which skin I want to do.
    I am not sure...
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  17. What would you do if your car was stolen? :p
  18. Knowing that I worked on it all last weekend, I would do everything in my power to get it back. I would have to bus in the meantime.
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  19. Did you draw your avatar? :)

    and GRATS!