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  1. Hello Empire,
    I am sorry to inform you all that I will be leaving this server. I have been on this server for quite a long time and I just got bored of constant repetitive building and going out to mine. I think this server has a great community and all, but I have been modding and trying to make minecraft more interesting than vanilla. I think this server has one issue that I had is the ten day limit, it really limits me to go anywhere than this server. I feel restricted in my minecraft multiplayer experience.

    I think it's just too much for me to handle.

    Justin, I wish you the best of luck on your server and hope it to last for years to come. Goodbye everyone and have fun!
  2. dont no you but goodye!
  3. Wow, member since October! I wish you come back whenever you wish! EMC shall miss a long term member :)
  4. A farewell Opus is not required to leave EMC. Just go!
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  5. o·pus [oh-puhs]

    noun, plural o·pus·es or, especially for 1, 2, o·pe·ra  [oh-per-uh, op-er-uh] Show IPA.
    1. a musical composition.
    2. one of the compositions of a composer, usually numbered according to the order of publication.
    3. a literary work or composition, as a book: Have you read her latest opus? Abbreviation: op.

    1695–1705; < Latin: work, labor, a work

    For those of you who are confused as to the meaning of the word and the context of the statement made. :)
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  6. 4. A penguin from the comic Bloom County.

    (I think I was using definition #3).
  7. I figured it was either a character I didn't find or the definition that popped up when I did a Google search. ;)
    Opus the Penguin.