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  1. Hello all EMC members, staff that I haven't seen, and supporters:

    I am returning from a 2 year retirement from Empire! I had a glimpse of Empire Minecraft in my mind while searching though the constant lists of websites filled with servers that wanted to be like this one. I rejoined in all hopes to be better than my 14 year self. Looking over my post kinda embarrasses me but I strive to be better than the past. Joining in October 11 of 2011, I see that most of the staff members changed over the years so I hope to get to know you all.. Well about me since this is a topic about myself might as well say.

    Well, I have a mindset of a bull. I will start building something and not stop till I am done. It doesn't mean I act like bull though no haha, I am generally talkative when I am around others trying to strike up something interesting to say. Usually that doesn't happen often but I still try. Well that sums up my summary! Hope to see and talk to you all!
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  2. Welcome back! :D You seems like a pretty darn nice guy, so if you wanted to change your ways, I think you've accomplished that plenty well. :) I look forward to getting to know you better and seeing you around in our community! :D
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  3. Hey! =)

    Always nice to see an old member like myself come back after a very long break. It always satisfies me to see "[playername] joined, last seen 730 days ago". =P

    Anyways, I hope you enjoy your time on the Empire again, and I hope to see you soon in-game! =)

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  4. Welcome back to the Empire Clan, It is great to see old members returning. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  5. Welcome back. Much has changed in two years, so be sure to check out the wiki if you need anything. :)

    Oh, and finally a returning member stays. :p
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  6. Welcome back to the Empire! :D
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  7. Talking of coming back i saw this yesterday:
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  8. Welcome back ^_^
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  9. Always nice to see some veteran players returning. :D

    If you're looking to reshape your image, you've taken a big step in the right direction.

    Welcome back! And hopefully you can stay around a bit longer this time. ;)
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  10. This might be the the only active "Introduce Yourself" form thread I've seen in a while. Oh wait never mind lol But anyways Thanks for all your warm welcomes!
  11. You should of seen mine is was litterly like 800 days
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  12. Welcome back to the empire, and a big hello to ya!

    Two years? Think I joined in shortly after you left. Much has changed over my years here, however the fun portion of EMC has always shined for me.
    Two years can make a bit of an impact in maturity. Heck, I always strive to better myself daily. Heck, I wont look at you what you were years ago, I only care about the here and the now!

    A bull eh? Taurus? How does the saying go…
    When your nature is that of a bull, it is ok to act like a bull, as long as it is not in a china shop… or something like that hehe.

    Town chat is always fun. Visit the different smp’s as each has their own ‘flavor’.
    Another thing you may wish to consider is hopping on mumble (if you wish to talk) and head to the Friday night miners event that should happen later today.
    Usually I am late to arrive due to my job schedule, but I make it whenever I it is a lot of mining (or building above) and derping about just having fun with others.

    Nice to meet ya, if you have questions, feel free to convo me!
    Hm, lets see if I can sum up some of the things over the past few years (don’t yell at meh if you seen these already, not sure if these were around during your time)
    /map for live map
    /ps for player settings
    /vote <-- this has changed a few times, it is better overall now, and you get voters items, vault vouchers, stable vouchers, etc… read up on it in the wiki.
    Wiki is awesome and epic, to give a load more info.
    Many new (and totally fun) promos added
    Dragon fragments as a rare drop from enraged mobs… Momentus and Marlix mini bosses <-- oh yeah.
    Two new tutorials have been out, so be sure to go thru it, you may get new starter stuff
    [preview] sign on a chest allow players to look in, but not take <-- awesome
    You can use residence tags, so if you want to visit player shops, do /v +shop and anybody who tagged their residence with the shop tag, you warp randomly between these resses.

    Check out various player museums to see a load of the rarer/promo items.
    Pricing… totally changed since you were here last. Familiarize yourself a bit with it all.

    I am sure I’m missing a load of stuff, but welcome back.
    See ya in the mines!
  13. Welcome back! I don't know you (yet? ;)), but I'm happy that you're with us again!
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  14. Yea but two people came on who was last seen 294 days and 13 mins and 294 days and 18 mins... 5 min difference
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  15. That is a cool sight
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  16. They could've been alts.
  17. Welcome back clan, have had fun showing you around smp7, pvping and chatting in mumble :D
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  18. beatya.PNG
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  20. Welcome back clan23!
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