[AMA/Event]HxCami10's 4 year party!

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  1. Hello all you fine folk of EMC!

    HxCami10 here to inform you that I will be hosting a huge 4 year party to celebrate 4 years of being a member on this amazing server :D

    Will there be events, you say?
    Well of course!

    There will be plenty of fun events throughout the day for everyone to participate in! Times are not set in stone right now, but will be in the coming weeks.

    The events will include the following: Parkour, Scavenger Hunt, Drop Party, and something special!

    When: September 4th 2016

    Where: SMP8[/CO2, there will be a dedicated time for each event[/LEFT]

    Donations for the drop party can be taken to SMP8 /v 17686. Access chests are there for all the goodies!

    I hope to see everyone there!

    P.S. Lets do a AMA too :p

    Thanks to BenMA for donating over DC of starter items!
    Thanks to b0bbythebuild3r for donating a Blue Krysyy head!
  2. This is on my Birthday! (Irl that is) :p

    Should be able to make it!
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  3. Love the picture :D
    I should be there it sounds awesome!
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  4. What's better? A horse with a dress on or a bunny with its head stuck in a bucket?
    Happy 4th year on Emc!
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  5. Congrats on 4 years!
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  6. Happy 4 years :)
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  7. The bunny with its head stuck in a bucket, horses scare me xD
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  8. OI! Finally you made this thread :) congrats and I guess I'll have to tell work to give me that day off cause I can't miss it :p see ya soon!
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  9. I will defiantly be there :p or at least try to.
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  10. Ik this is off topic but that chicken looks like it is trying to steal my cookies >_>.
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  11. Thanks for putting me in the shade :p Happy 4 years
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  12. Even though you can see it Chin is swimming away from a shark
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  13. I will be there ;)
  14. you can bara ? oh my
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  15. Im a dead floater in this picture Lmao xD
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  16. ;) you are pale enough for it
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  17. Happy 4th Cami!!! Just love the look on that chickens face. He'e like BWAAAKKK Give me a cookie dude!! Dude's chillin in the shade pulling the bitten cookie away like Go get your own Cluck Cluck!!
  18. Happy 4th birthday Cami!
    I might come if i'm not busy preparing for school the next day :p
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  19. Lol its me that chinken is trying to steal cookies from I wanna fry it .
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  20. Awesome, congratulations! :D