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  1. Howdy y'all! Last time I did an AMA I goofed up and forgot to bump the thread and disappeared into the void that is the dead threads. So I decided to do another one. I may not be as unknown as other players, and curiosity may not be high, but who knows, you may discover something you didn't know. So ask me anything (EMC Appropriate of course)

    Anyways, after 1 month I will randomly select 3 comments from and RNG, giving away either 25k, 12.5k, or 6,250k to one of the three. So good luck and ask away!
  2. What games do you command?
  3. What’s it like knowing I’m better than you at nearly everything
  4. what's the hardest game level you've ever played?
  5. Usually I command Minecraft and Super Smash Bros, but I've found that I can coordinate attacks in games like Brawl Stars
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  6. Well I wouldn't say everything :rolleyes: But sometimes it's frustrating, especially when you get that stupid Bastion dub because Bastion needs to be nerfed but Jeff Kaplan thinks the game is perfectly balanced as all things should be
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  7. Oof that's a tough one. It's either the fight between Dr. Khals Robot or King Dice from Cuphead
  8. Bump, if you've asked a question already you can ask another, I'll be counting your first comment
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  9. 6,250,000r????
    we gun be rich bois!!

    If the world was ending and you could say three words to me what would it be?
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  10. What is it like being friends with a bastion main?? (OP)
  11. *6.25k. Three words I say would be....Im Foxy, Kitty
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  12. thats depressing because no one can contain this power except for the true Foxy_Kitty. maybe that's why the world was ending *shrug* haha
  13. Hey Comander thanks for doing this bro ;)
    (btw I got 7 questions to ask of you ;))

    Do you always support the dub squad?

    Do you also support smp7?

    Would you post more comics on your channel someday?

    Who is your current favorite staff and previous staff member?

    What is your favorite moment on EMC?

    What was your funniest blunder on EMC?

    Lastly is what is if you ever get chosen as staff one day what event or events would you like to do?
  14. You know, it's been an adventure. After a decade of knowing him, I've gotten to know so much about him, and our friendship is a strong bond. We can get on each others nerves sometimes, but no hard feelings are ever given
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  15. Oh boy! Let's do a numbered list

    1 Heck yeah, you know I always swallow those dubs!!!

    2 I believe SMP7 has the friendliest people, who aren't afk or in some cliques that Ive seen on other SMPs. I've gotten to know a lot of people there and a majority of my events happen on 7. I love it.

    3 More comics are always gonna come out, I'm planning on one coming out Saturday. I just wonder if there are other people besides the commenters who see them

    4 Current favorite staff member? Don't have one, all that I've encountered so far either are busy, don't have time to talk, or I've simply never encountered. Previous staff member was Eviltoade, he met the opposite of what I described, he was never too busy for me, always had time to talk, and I've always encountered him (He was on 7) If I ever become staff, I want to be like him.

    5 Favorite moment on EMC? The moment that Games opened up, I was the first player to log into games and I love it

    6 Funniest blunder? I have too many to count XD! If I had to choose one it was when I was farming zombie pigmen and I died with really, REALLY expensive items on me. They fell in a hopper and I spent my entire night looking for them.

    7 If I'm ever chosen as a staff, one, it's a dream come true for me. To answer your question, I would love to host something fresh, like my Capture the Flag event, but if I can't then as a normal staff for the meantime, Midnight Miners or Harvest Day
  16. Favourite type of waffle, you know I had too....
  17. Uhm, there's one with strawberry pieces baked into the waffle, I like those
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  18. what is your favourite music genre