[AMA + Cake] 1 Year

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  1. November 23 is fastly approaching, which will mark my one year here. Time well spent, if you ask me! The title says it all. Ask a question for me to answer and I'll mail you a specially renamed cake. I also have cookies, so if you'd rather have one instead of cake please specify. :)

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  2. Made by the loving hands of me! :D PS I take no responsiblty for any desieses acquired after eating the cake jk lol
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  3. I know its early but Happy 1 Year!!! :)
    Question: Whats your favorite thing about EMC? :D
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  5. My favorite thing about EMC is how I can log on after a rough day and instantly smile or laugh.
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  6. Whats your favorite build, ur most proud of? only builds on emc! XD :)
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  7. The church I built on 9445 for Sal and I's wedding, lol.
  8. Congrats on one year nub( :p )!

    Question: Which profile picture should I use?
    The one i have right now or to this?
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  9. The car chase
  10. What in EMC makes you laugh?
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  11. What is your favorite color?
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  12. There was this one time when I watched someone ride in a boat on land and that made me laugh, not sure why.
    I like 'em all, but I really dislike pink.
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  13. Happy 1 year on EMC!!

    i have a question 4 u: how many years do u think ur gonna be here? :)
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  14. 5ever. I don't see myself leaving permanently any time.
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  15. Congrats :)

    You joined 3 days before I did. Why?
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  16. 'Twas fate
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  17. from 0-10, how much smp8's weirdness is inside yourself?
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  18. What would(n't) you do if I threw a balloon at you? :D
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  19. How do you drink tea?
  20. A solid 8, but it isn't from smp8 ;)

    If it was a water balloon, I'd start a balloon fight. If it were a normal balloon, I'd do nothing.

    Pinkies up, of course.