{AMA} Ask the Chocolate!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Dr_Chocolate, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. 0 score and four years ago, I joined this server named Empire Minecraft. T'was great. Now I'll be great and answer your questions!

    Ask away!
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  2. so did u like have to buy soulbond books and stuff then? or are thy just lately getting greedy?
  3. I don't need no Soulbound junk. I only rek... I never get rekted
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  4. How many pears can dolphins eat before they die?
  5. 39
  6. If I were to throw a pregnant sheep named Dorothy at you, would you dance with it?
  7. No, I'd catch it and throw it back.
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  8. Why do you smell so much?
  9. I don't. You do. <3
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  10. Why is your ign Dr_Chocolate? :p
  11. I've always been obsessed with chocolate. Chocolate is my favorite food. I'm also studying to become a doctor and take it as my profession. Hence, Dr_Chocolate.
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  13. What keeps you playing on EMC or Minecraft?
  14. My friends. I lost interest in MC a while ago and got back into it this past summer. I still don't like playing alone and much prefer playing with others.
  15. How much chocolate is just too much?
  16. What places do you melt the best in?
  17. How did you feel the first time you rekted some noob?
  18. There is never enough chocolate.

    I don't melt. >:)

    I just thought to myself... the first of many.