[AMA and stuff] 4 Years of Bird

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  1. The 25th? Was that today? Woops just about missed it entirely.
    You know what this means right?

    hehe no no, silly Ramsay, we don't mean sausage. It means we gotta make a thread for it!

    So take a seat ya lard and let me lay some records straight.

    I remember joining the 25th of July, 2012. Everything was so different, so new to me!


    In time I had built up a messy little res (note the place saying LGB below) and managed to get my friends, BurgerKnight and BrenJone, reses next to mine.

    Some stuff happened for a few hundred days... then I became a moderator!
    Oh did I feel glorious:

    and this

    and this

    god I felt glorious

    You guys can be tough to handle. All the conversations at once, the reports, all while petting budgies.

    No matter. It's well worth it!
    So ask me anything right now. Oh, and post pictures of birds/budgies. I wanna see em.
    Maybe I'll plan some sort of event or somethin', heck idk.
  2. Congrats!
    Question: Whats you favorite bird Pokemon

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  3. Congrats! I like your post, it's really funny :p

    My question:
    Why do you you like birds so much?

    Here's one sosig bird from me ;)
    Dammit Ramsey =P
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  4. Oh dear, you mean to tell me we've endured another year of birb already? When will the madness end?!
  5. Since it is your four years of being a bird...

    I'll tell you something, I do have a side that likes birds! Imagine that, a fox like me liking birds. What a concept :p

    Hummingbirds are very fascinating creatures, I loved to watch from my childhood and to present day I still do. They are little quirky birds "Humming" around making squealing noises when they chase each other around the feeder. Puts me in peace in a way of everyday life. It also reminds me of my fallen Grandmother from the past where we always went and filled the feeders to watch them.

    Three breads I see often in Colorado are the Black-Chin, Broad Tailed, and Rufous.

    (Black Chin)

    (Broad tailed)

    I have actually gotten to see a nest of this type, imagine your fist. Your fist, half it size with eggs the size of your pinkie nail. Very cool indeed.

    The Rufous being my favorite.

    You can't miss seeing these run around, they shine copper under the sun and when they fly they start to gleam. I start to see more of these in the late summer to early fall.

    Hope things are well in real life for you my fellow pirate! Happy to see things are well with you in game and hope for you to continue your service here as a moderator.


  6. Congrats :)

    I see you have 666 in the thread link.. coincidence?
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  7. Xatu

    And OMG BirdCheese!
    This love is a gene passed down through the generations.

    And OMG yellow birb!
    Another glorious year. The madness shall never perish, lest you and I die on the same day. The pact is sealed.
    To not have a side that likes birds would be a grave sin upon humanity. You may live another day.

    And OMG cute birdie pictures!
    Soon you will see the day where I, like Neron, sing to the destruction of Troy whilst watching my land burn to the ground.

    And OMG birdie on a ball!
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  8. from 1-7 how much smp8 is in you?
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  9. What game(s) aside from Minecraft do you play?

    Congratz on 4yrs. :)
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  10. First: Congratulations Lucky!

    I love threads like these... Earlier today (could be yesterday) someone came up to me and told me that I was actually quite old with my soon to be 600 days. To which I replied that I was actually quite average, maybe even still somewhat of the newbie ;) Threads like these proof my case, 1460 days? Yeah, that is impressive!

    SO, you wanted pictures. I went through my spy camera archives and I found something. I found a very compromising picture of you and I seriously hope that I won't get into trouble here. But since you asked....

    I see you looking :D

    SO... AMA... Finally a chance to get the attention of the master of birds himself.

    As such the question which has been plaguing dozens of people: which are faster, European or African swallows and would you know the air-speed velocity of an unladen one?

    In the possible event that you don't quite follow I have a complimentary one: have you ever felt the need to bang two halves of coconuts together while walking? :D
  11. I remember you before you turned green. :p I'll try to find a picture of my old pet bird when I get home

    What's the most valued item you own?
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  12. Gratz on 4 years!

    4 AMA: do u like dancing? b/c i couldn't find pic of bird so i thought maybe u like bird dance:

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  13. Merry 4 years Bird!

    My question? What are yer favorite memories of EMC?

    Bonus Birds

  14. What an exquisite breed. I had to look up what it was and it is call the Marvellous spatuletail Hummingbird. They measuring up to 15 cm long and the males have that fan shaped outer tails. They live in the country of Peru and due to loss of habitat, they are in the endangered list. Again, that is really cool bird.
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  15. 8
    Civ V, various apps (the Clash games, Word Bubbles, fluff like that)
    1. ~11 m/s.
    2. Did that once following a market visit. Got strange looks.

    Either my Dragon Egg or my Diamond EMC Games medal for Archery.
    I have heard, have been told, and frequently tell others about the bird. Maybe not frequently enough though?
    That's the first dance I ever learned right there. I don't dance much now however. Though, I did dance a lot two years ago with my Chinese roommate to his favorite song Shake It Off by Taylor Swift. It was hilarious.
    I fondly remember founding LB Ind. out on Smp3 in the open wilderness. I had not done much frontier-living before that.
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  16. bump4birdprez2k16
  17. What makes you enjoy emc? for me its the events and the layout for example you can do anything with your res and you can even live in the wild in the towns the community have built. I also like the promos and shop / economy side
  18. I don't participate in the economy as much as I used to. The promo market may have turned me off a bit lol.
    I do like wild communities. I have an outpost as mentioned and I've been a part of a couple others.
    When I'm not in the wild, the community on Smp8 is probably the next most enjoyable.