[AMA] 500 days on the Empire!

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  1. Hey EMC, so recently I turned 500 days old on the Empire (mind you it was a few days ago, this is overdue lol)
    So, since I've passed this milestone I thought I'd host another AMA, like I did for my one year. All you have to do is ask me a question, the winner will be chosen using a random number generator and their post number. The winner will recieve one Mineral Mincer. Rules: Don't ask about real life things and things that are obviously private, I reserve the right to not answer a question if I deem it too personal. This giveaway ends on September the 30th, at 11:59PM EMC time, all entries after that point are invalid, make sure to enter before then :)Edit: no alts please :)
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  2. Happy Emciversary!

    What we're your goals when you first joined, and did you reach them?
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  3. When I first joined I wanted to build a whole village on my res for everything needed, I never achieved that lol
  4. would you catch a purple chicken?
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  5. Only if it had white stripes and was Cadbury branded ;)
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  6. Grats... should I give you 100K?
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  7. Andasite, granite, or diorite?
    Use any resourcepacks?
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  8. Whatever floats your boat
    Andesite FTW
  9. Which looks cooler Sea Lanterns or Glowstone?
    What is made of a metal alloy and is a boney secret agent?
    And where is Waldo?
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  10. Are you in limbo?
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  11. Tied, sea lanterns are more industrial, and go with certain block combos, but glowstone is better for certain things, it's more cosy
    I don't know, Wolverine? :confused:
    Out there, somewhere

  12. Congrats, What Would You Do If Somebody Gave You 1 Million Dollars?
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  13. Was it a small loan?
  14. I don't know, I don't live in America lol but I get what you mean. I'd spend about 250k on my future (college car etc.) then invest the rest in something I knew would give back a ton
  15. Congrats,
    DC or Marvel
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  16. Awesome! Pizza Or Ice Cream
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  17. Marvel obvs

    tough one... I'd say pizza
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  18. congrats dude !

    what's your favourite weather ? in general, lol
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  19. Snow, it happens so rarely where I live (at least enough and at times where it's cold enough it won't melt) It's so nice to sit in the living room with a hot chocolate and stuff i'm not normally supposed to eat and watch the snow outside
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  20. Bump! Ask me a question and be in with the chance to win a Mineral Mincer!