{AMA} 3 year, Ask Me Anything!

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  1. Hey EMC,

    I saw that my 3 years is coming up, Feb 28th, and I thought I do a Thread. You can ask me anything and I will try my best to answer to the best I can. I am in college so dont get mad if I dont reply instanty.

    -rated PG (Family Friendly)
    -Be repectful

    If you have a question that may not be fit for thread, Feel free to make it in a pm.

    This will end Feb 28th and 11:59pm EMC Time, any questions after that i will not answer.

    Anyway ask away :D
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  2. Favorite mob?
  3. Hmm, Thats a Tough one, I will have to say Marlix. I hate mob hunting haha, i just like the Marlix as it is a very different mob...
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  4. Now, feel free not to answer this one, because some people don't feel comfortable answering something this deep and personal.

    Squirtle, Bulbasaur, or Charmander?
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  5. I read it over like 100 times, but i dont understand haha....
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  6. :O That should be a crime. The water pokemon starter, grass pokemon starter, or the fire pokemon starter? Which would you choose? (or Pikachu :3)
  7. Charmander

    Best minecraft creation?
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  8. Pikachu
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  9. Favorite block?
  10. Do you own a smartdevice?
  11. Why does the new world need Rick Grimes? :p
  12. In the original Pokemon games, did you pick Squirtle, Bulbasaur, or Charmander as your starter?
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  13. oh, i never played Pokemon, I played Sega Genesis,
    I would have to say quartz, Due to the fact that its a clean block, and not to flashy haha.
    I own a Samsung Gal S 4 and a Samsung Tablet, :D
    He is a Very good leader..... But so is everyone in his group, haha.
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  14. Will youuuuuuuuuuuu marry me?
  15. lol, sorry, but i will have to say no, as i am Married to Technology at the moment haha...
  16. Is this even a question? Charmander, I choose you! ;)

    Finch: Favorite color?
  17. </3
  18. Red, all the way :D
  19. Here, have a bag of likes!
    Red is love, red is life <3