[AMA] 2 years on EMC, wow!

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  1. On 16 September I will be 2 years old (on EMC that is) and it has been a blast. Most of my time has been as a Moderator/Developer for the Empire and although I have not been in game much at all the last few months (currently traveling the world!) I have still been helping out on the dev side of things.

    Last year I hid my head for my EMC birthday and I still may do that this year (maybe, most likely, if you twist my arm). In the mean time I figured why not an AMA thread.

    On or about the 16th I will randomly pick a post in this thread to win "something".

  2. It's been 2 years already? I remember when you first became a mod with only about 40 days of you first login.
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  3. How did you ultimately end up joining EMC? Was it a random server pick or were you brought here by someone?

    Also...cake or pie?
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  4. Congrats! What made you choose your name? :)
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  5. Congrats! My question is how many pairs of socks do you own? :p
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  6. Where is your most favorite place to have visited while abroad ?
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  7. Congratulations Sir!
    When will you start being more active in game?

    Will you release more of your heads in the future?
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  8. Hey!
    What are you travelling the world for? :)
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  9. I tried many servers and finally found EMC. It was on one of the server lists but I don't recall which one. Within a few minutes I knew it would be my new MC home.

    I am known for my varied and brightly colored socks. Adding the Mr part to let people know I am neither cat or female (as that seemed to be the initial thought when I first used 'Socks' online)

    Prior to my trip around the world? Over 100. Now just 8.

    Currently (as I am still traveling and may visit a 'better' place I would have to say The Ring of Kerry in Ireland

    I will be more active as time permits. As for the head. That is still up in the air but most likely.

    Because it is there and I have not seen nearly enough of it. ;)
  10. That seems like a very good reason!
  11. My good fellow MrSocks congratulations!

    If you were any type of mob in minecraft, what would you be and why that mob?
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  12. Never barely never see you in game but happy 2 years :D
    Now.. The question, Marvel or DC
  13. Well congrats on your 2years with EMC.

    My question is, Have you found Waldo and was he with Carmen Sandiego ? jk jk

    In all seriousness, Who would you side with Ross or Rachel. Were they or were they not " On A Break" ???????
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  14. What's it like to travel all over the world? Happy 2 years on EMC, hope you stay longer :)
  15. *Twists arm*

    There, now go hide your head already :p

    • Do you play any other games than Minecraft? If so, which one(s) are your favorite(s)?
    • Do you have any other hobbies?
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  16. Congrats!! I remember when you were just a mod :p I can't believe it's been two years that you've been here!

    What do you like to do on EMC while not dealing with staff or dev responsibilities?

    edit: :eek: I'm older than socks
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  17. Yeah, you're still too new on EMC to be staff.

    Question: why aren't you dead?
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  18. Gg on 2 years

    How much does smp8 have to take over aikat before he devlops a cure to smp8
  19. Grats on 2 Years! (in Advance :p)

    Do you Like Bugles? (Aka the food)