AMA + 100k Giveaway

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  1. About a few hours ago i turned 1 year old ... Great
    And since I'm lazy to do anything else I decided to do a AMA and a Giveaway

    All u need to do to enter the Giveaway is just ask me a Question
    About anything

    The giveaway ends on the 12th October 4pm and i will pick one random winner :D
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  2. Not entering
    Who's your favorite person?
  3. Obviously me *winks*

    Why did you choose Jadzia14forever?
  4. Jadzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    On a scale of 1-10 how bear am I?
  5. Whats your favorite block?
  6. What would ye do if I handed ye a Can of Pumpkins?
  7. Which anime will you watch next? :eek:
  8. What is your favourite thing about EMC? :)
  9. What would you do if i threw a balloon at you?
  10. ;-;

    edit: guess I need to ask a question... uhh, what would you do if I threw a water balloon at you?
  11. Happy 1 Yr. EMC B'Day Jadz! :p

    My question is: What is your favourite colour?
  12. Myself ofc , nah you <3
    You wish :rolleyes:
    Idk why i chose my name to be that tbh well i wanted my name and my favorite number
    - 1
    Brick :eek:
  13. Do you like dogs?
  14. Happy B-Day!:)
    Do you prefer survival or creative minecraft?
  15. First of all i hate pumpkins so i would throw them in ur face :p
    Good question ... i really dont know
    SMP8 ;)

    Cry :(
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  16. Happy EMC-Birthday,
    how much cookies are you able to eat when you have got three trees in your hair?
  17. I'm not going to participate myself but... I just wanted to congratulate you on your 1 year anniversary. I'm almost there myself and I got a good feel on how exciting the whole thing is.
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  18. My name is not f_Builder_S...
  19. Why is your signature broken? Happy 1 year birthday!
  20. Heyo! Grats on your original gangstaness.
    My question is, if you travel at the speed of sound, can you still hear music?