Am i too old?

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  1. Hi all.I never do these things EVER,but these forums seem...whats the odd and strange word I'm looking for..."friendly".Gaming forums by my experience are almost never friendly.I've been reading and watching the past week while on EMC and thought why not.

    Anyways,my 8 year old wanted to buy Minecraft so we I'm hooked.I have never had so much fun before playing a game.Its crazy.

    Being well....old (33) do the younger players far out way us oldies?

    Is there a server that the adults have flocked too?

    Enough talking..nice to meet you all.Im on SM7 atm.:cool:
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  2. I'm 33 :) Games make me feel like a kid in the world so that is good for me and the world!
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  3. Welcome to EMC! There is never a set age where people have to stop playing videogames and there really isn't a way to 'outplay' anyone in Minecraft lol. Also, I know for a fact that there are numerous people on EMC that are, as you say, 'old'. Anyways I hope you enjoy your time here! :)
  4. I'm 32 so in my opinion no. This is a good server for us old guys. Never had an issue with the young kids here.
  5. I think there's a good mix of younger players and older players. I'm 28 myself, so I'm not all that young anymore either. :p

    I'm glad you're having a good time so far though, and welcome!
  6. 27 here, the mods here allow me to enjoy the server. So you are in a good spot. ;p
  7. I'm 33, and having great time at EMC ;)
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  8. Having fun is not limited to ages.

    Oh and about this server:
    I've been playing Minecraft for 2 years now, and ive spent like 100 days on EMC already.
    I don't regret one of them. This server is the best i have found so far and honestly, after i found this server, I haven't been searching for others.. Because,, why would i?

    ~Proud to play on EMC.
  9. I'm 43. There are quite a few others on EMC that cover the whole spectrum of ages and they seem to be spread across all of the servers.

    I also started playing Minecraft because my kids liked it. Initially I installed the beta (free) version on an old laptop that I set up with Ubuntu for the kids but they quickly destroyed the keyboard and I stopped working on it. When I finally bought a USB keyboard for it and set it up with a newer version of Ubuntu, they begged me to put "Java" (which was what they thought Minecraft was called) on it. I had no idea what they were talking about, but they explained "that game where you build things from blocks" which I looked up on Google. Then I went ahead and bought the game and installed it and started playing it myself and was hooked pretty quickly.

    Anyway, I'm glad to have you here.
  10. There is no age that you can't play games at. I know a 63 year old women who has an Xbox360, PS3, and a computer all in one room. She spends most of her time in that room, playing WoW and BattleField, and is considering Minecraft. Bottom point, gaming is good at any age!
  11. yeah im 27 and this game is swagggg
  12. yes age dosn't matter i am 40 my kid got me into minecraft and i am hooked now
  13. 25 and loving every minute of my Minecraft and EMC since I began. This game is the reason that me and my 2 younger brothers were able to find common ground to connect on which we didn't have for many years.
  14. yeah i got 3 cousins and a younger brother that play on this server this is our way of meeting with eachother since i travel alot
  15. Good to have you :) As you cant tell you are not the oldest ;) I turn 28 on the 19th, playing Minecraft makes me feel like a kid with legos again!
  16. I'm also 25 and hooked on Minecraft ... well, EMC more specifically.
  17. I'm 34...but we are all young at heart :)
  18. Your never to old for minecraft! We have had a 55 and a 65 year old on EMC! :)
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  19. Awwww...what a great welcome from all.Thank you.

    And let me re-phrase one of my questions..I think I used the wrong wording.What "world" if any has maybe a group of adults made a hangout or tend to reside in more.I shouldn't have used the word server...because as far as I am concerned EMC servers are my final homes.I ment what world like 1,2,3,4,etc.

    Also I'm at SM7 res 15420.Most of my work is underground too.So not much to look at atm. Thanks again :)
  20. i believe you are never too old to play games and have fun. I'm a 36 year old mom who loves playing minecraft. my 13 year old son even has a lot on SMP5 right next to mine.

    i look at it this way you only as old as you feel, and for me playing games makes me feel young again and there isn't anything wrong with that!! lol.