Am I the Cheapest?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by warthogfox, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. So i have often bragged about having the cheapest iron on smp4 now i want to know if thats the best in all of EMC. so lay it on me folks, point me at a res that sells cheaper or i claim the cheapest in all of EMC

    My rates are 4 for 10r


    hard to keep stocked sorry
  2. That is pretty good, I can say I havent seen any cheaper.
  3. Wow SMP4 being my home server I've never seen your shop. When I'm on next I'll make it a priority.
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  4. How much a stack?
  5. You had my attention until I read this: "hard to keep stocked sorry".
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  6. Why would one want to have a shop with cheapest iron, especially with price less than half of the average price?
    Why not sell it on auction?
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  7. I don't care if its cheap. I care if it's well-stocked.

    If it isn't well-stocked, then it could be days before I could buy another iron block. You could hire some workers to go and get more iron blocks for you.

    He wants to sell cheap iron, that's why *facepalm* And what if he doesn't want to auction it off? Ever had that come to mind?
  8. Why sell stuff for so little, the time it takes to get them is basically wasted :/
  9. Yep, as Soul said - I coulsn't care how cheap but being stocked is way more important. :p 4-10r is definitely very cheap though.
  10. Ok, there are many reasons why someone would want to sell cheap item X.
    For example ... just to "play the market."

    Warthogfox, why do you want to sell cheap iron? :)
  11. Maybe its a loss leader ;)
  12. Yes that's very cheap and I havent seen cheaper :)

    But in my eyes your iron is not cheap because you don't have it stocked (almost all the time) so I wouldnt say it's cheap when you aint stocked only that this is fair priced :p
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  13. Congratulations! You sell the cheapest iron of EMC!=
    You will be always out of stock + You won't earn almost nothing
  14. If you can get a double chest of iron ingots or even ores I'd like to buy them in that bulge off you. :) I love iron.
  15. How IRON-ic
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  16. based on some of your responses, it seems that i do have the cheapest iron in all of EMC, but most of you are wondering why i sell them so cheap and more over are complaining about the fact that im out of stock often. So i sell iron and other items so cheap not to "play the market" or other reasons like that, i sell things cheap because i dont care about having the most rupees. I play minecraft to play the game, i enjoy the game and like it alot. iron is not a tool i use much anymore unless for decoration of making tools and armor to sell at a low rate as well. Being out of stock comes with the territory of having low prices. I go to the wild and mine my heart out and will stay out there for days at a time just trying to get stock for my shop, i have set up several houses in the wild and even went all the way to a black area just to stay away from griefers. Sadly, they always find it even when i was a diamond supporter they found my mine and destroyed it. I am a great place to buy items on smp4, and maybe the whole of EMC, but please understand that i do it not for rupees or fame, i do it because i love the Empire
  17. I bought 20 or so bars you