[Already Planned] Enraged versions of all mobs

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Aikar, Jul 16, 2013.

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  1. We are already planning to do an enraged version of every monster, just we will be adding them slowly over time in between larger updates.

    Please do not suggest adding Enraged versions of monsters/animals, they will come :)
  2. Enraged enderdragon...?
  3. I'm going to be scared when the enraged wither comes..

    EDIT: Technically players count as mobs, hint hint?
  4. *Flails Happily for about 4 hours*
  5. Enraged squid... Still do nothing.
  6. will friendly animals such as chickens be enraged?
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  7. I wonder what enraged Endermen will do :D
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  8. Enraged Endermen. They rip their legs off so they can tp into your two block high safe haven.
  9. LOL

    That'd be hilarious. *Fills safe haven with water*
  10. Enraged piggehs
    *flails around*
  11. Enraged Melk73 FTW
  12. Enraged wither skeles are going to scare me.
  13. Quite a bit.
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  14. Wow, enraged chickens..... chickeneer :).
  15. Enraged.... Ghasts?!?!?!? Gee, they just weren't annoying enough already. I wonder if enraged pigman will just not be neutral? Whatever. I look forward to the "enraged tiny slime."

    Slime: "I am enraged with you! Now you die!"

    Player: *Looks down at little blob kicking his/her foot* "Ok, whatever."
  16. Ok correction: Enraged Enderdragon is not planned, well besides the Dragon Tombs, which will be harder than an Enraged Enderdragon
  17. OH GOD NOO yeah let say I had a bad expertise with them yesterday 3k blocks out in the nether.....
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  18. Enraged mini pigman... cries in corner
  19. Enraged pigmen,ghast,endermen are all my fears....
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