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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Ethy202, Dec 20, 2015.

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  1. I can definitely see something like this somewhere in a separate tab on the EMC site. It would make mobile users have an easier time with payment!
  2. I like this idea, although not sure it would be good as all someone would have to do is get your forum password and then they can take rupees, only way it would work is if it was more or less a password/account within you profile. something more secure.

    Then again not sure it's possible as the site is a 3rd party program not made by emc, and all the stuff you see are plug-ins for the program.
  3. Could be like the EMC market. Also, a username and password is all that is needed to get into something in MC and do bad stuff, too.
  4. The emc market is not by emc made by a player, and it is easier to hack a website password than a mojang password.
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  5. I could see this being very handy for the guys on-the-go, but I mean unless there's some way to link your in-game account with your website account securely... Probably best just to be patient!
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  6. Thanks!
    very true, but all websites have different security levels.
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  7. Nope :)

    This suggestion has been accepted, but is pending addition now (you can check on the Already Suggested page)
    So eventually this is going to come (but a better auction system has been suggested way back in 2012 and Aikar said he'd do before the end of the year :/ 3 years later still nuthin)
  8. Should I call the staff to close this thread because it is pending?
  9. Yes.
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