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  1. Last time I suggested this I went about it all wrong. Instead of forcing everyone to accept mobs spawning in town, why not allow us to turn mob spawning on in our res's with it off by default?

    Here's a question for JustinGuy or someone who might know. Would allowing mob spawning in your res turn off that "safe zone" people enter when they go into the wild? If so then when a creeper explodes wouldn't not explode if mob spawning's off or does it have to do with keeping TNT false?

    To the people who don't want mobs in town, this won't effect you in any way except allow the occasional mob to come in and push you around at night which would only be a minor annoyance a wooden sword cloud fix in a jiffy with no damage unless mob spawning is set to true in your res assuming it works the way I think it does.

    This could allow people to have that true Minecraft survival feel in town, allow people to make dungeons, collect mob related items like gunpowder in your own home, allow both snow and iron golems to finally spawn in town making iron more renewable.

    Again people won't be able to grief you if you keep the tnt flag and mob flag false again assuming it works the way I think it does, otherwise I guess mobs in town won't happen.
  2. It would be easy xp since you can't get damaged by anything...
  3. You don't know that only JustinGuy does. I think if the mob flag was on the safe zone in your res wouldn't be there.
  4. This would be cool...
  5. Basically if the safe zone in your res isn't there, you would be able to starve and receive damage. Besides, I see people grinding by the safe zone in the wild a lot.
  6. I say no. If they want mobs, they can go to the wild. Everything is there.
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  7. Few reasons why this will be a bad idea.

    1. ALOT of people will make Hostile mob spawners. They will cause lagg in the area they are in, so other peoples will get effected by the lagg to. (Flat world = ALOT more mobs in neutral/hostile spawners)

    2. Snow golems will make snow EVERYWHERE and that will be annoying for alot of players.

    3. Iron golems = Iron machine = Money machine. People will abuse iron golems to get iron.

    4. Some people have bad PC' not everybody can afford a good pc, if there was hostile mobs everywhere they will get alot of lagg. Which will be a problem for them, so they will probly quit from the server.

    [EDIT] Btw, i love this idea, but we have to respect other players to. I'm a minecrafter there loves to get in trouble with mobs, so don't get me wrong. I want mobs to be allowed in town aswell, but like i said we have to respect other players.
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  8. lol... you just pointed out all the bad ideas
  9. I'd agree if you get no items or exp.

    It'd be better if you could place spawners. You could then practice making death traps and have no need to purchase people to do it. It'll stop some griefing.
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  10. Yeah this is why i started playing sp more so i can actually build while having mobs and also have epic builds without getting griefed i till like this server its just whatever i build in the wild always gets griefed like i built this underwater mining room with all my stuff made it so im self sufficient and it gets griefed... like i dont really care but i mean heck i spent time on it and i would appreciate if it didnt get griefed but.
  11. I would love this with the mob flag mobs could spawn on your res and kill you but as soon as they stepped off your res they would go *poof* and for the problem I know there is a website called That makes you game run better I only got around 10 fps before now I get around 60 fps.
  12. 1. I'm going to look into this on single player creative flatlands real quick

    2. Snow melts outside winter biomes and it's easy to destroy. Who's to say grass doesn't annoy people? Besides, don't res's have it to where only the owner of the res can legitimately place stuff, so won't the snow only spawn if the golem is on it's "master's res."

    3. You do know how slowly they spawn right? Guess I'll look into this too with a custom village.

    4. Again I'm going to look into this.
  13. While I am against this, there are ways this could work...

    1. The Creeper flag is un-editable under any circumstances ever.
    2. The Damage flag is un-editable under any circumstances ever.
    3. Mob spawning algorithms in town are completely disabled, but mobs can be spawned with mob eggs.
    4. Mobs spawned in town cannot drop MEO or items OR If the damage flag is editable but players do not drop their items on death in town, mobs can drop items. (No MEOs though)

    'Course, I'm still against it
    and it will probably never happen.
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  14. No sorry but this would be unfair and lag machines for others
  15. Hmm, i think snowmen only dies in jungle biomes not sure tho, never played with them before. And yes Iron golems spawns slow now, but if you have ALOT of villagers they will spawn no matter what =P
  16. I had Gamebooster on my laptop aswell, but i deleted it, i get around 30fps on my laptop. That is good enough to run the game :p
  17. 2012-05-14_17.38.09.png 2012-05-14_17.38.39.png 2012-05-14_17.37.37.png
    Based off these three images in a "res" I made in single player, is that really enough to lag someone's machine? There's more activity going on at one of Aikar's tnt parties.
  18. those pictures are so over used.. only the first time was when it was funny.
  19. But this one has a baby Panda.