Allow camel stats to improve via breeding.

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  1. The horse market has died due to free breedable 139 horses and an assurance that they can't go any higher than 139, but camels can live on as something worth breeding for stats. Problem is, they don't change stats, as far as I can tell. So could you put whatever code you're using for horses, into camels? It would create a new industry, for certain, and allow those of us who like this high-end import-exporting to have their fun.
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  2. the "horse code" is not EMC specific, but rather is a vanilla thing, so I doubt there'll be any EMC changes for camels
  3. One question: if the horse code could be applied to camels, then those would have the same post-23w07a easy breeding, right?
    Edit: Or do you mean something else with 'free'?
  4. I mean 'free' in the sense that there is now a public utility on Utopia where anyone can try their hand at breeding with 139 horses, making my services obsolete. Easy breeding would certainly shorten the length of time a camel-breeding industry would exist, but unless someone with max-stat camels makes them a public utility, they wouldn't be 'free'.
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  5. agree with Fred.
    Horse code is a vanilla Mojang thing. If Mojang is going to change camels into something breedable, they will probably do it in a future update. Just getting them into the game and working as intended is step 1. Its how the horses entered the game and were updated... it's a likely outcome.
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