Allocate more new players to the empty servers.

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  1. SMP1 and SMP9 seem to be the main two servers that people go on, whereas most other servers are empty or have few players.

    Perhaps there could be a way of stopping new players from joining SMP1 and SMP9 until the numbers are more balanced?

    Most of us shop owners haven't had customers in days!
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  2. People could still just go on smp2 to do the tutorial then disconnect and go on smp1...
  3. People are lazy. If they saw that they couldn't go on the server they typed, they would go looking somewhere else
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  4. I don't think it's fair to literally stop new people from living on the more popular servers, however yes people should be encouraged to go to the other smp's and not just stick on 1 and 9. :)
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  5. smp2 needs people it gets lonely
  6. I have been thinking of a few methods to solve this problem. :)
  7. smp6 is the most lonliest server EVAR
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  8. Wasn't when I joined :(
  9. Smp4 is pretty famous
  10. For being deserted?
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  11. No actually whenever I play it either the second or third server with most players
  12. Good luck with that getting implemented.
  13. Maybe most servers are empty because you live in the wrong time zone. When I am on there are around the six to seven people on smp5. And when I am about to go to sleep there around the twenty on. Murica.
  14. Also, what mark said. Generally the busiest times are when there is a 'american-eastern European' crossover time, which for me is peak times (around 8-10pm GMT) :)
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  15. All you guys are just arguing about the servers, how about we think about solutions rather than disagree with each other?
  16. I think one way to improve the locatability process for players to be on a 'not so set' server choice; is that every weekend before the new week, ICC goes on the websites where players have to vote, and he edits the information and changes the server from say Smp1 ... so the next week it's Smp2 ... and each week henceforth the numbers will chronologically go up in numbers, all the way until it gets to Smp9 ... then it starts back at 1 and repeats...

    It might seem monotonous, but it doesn't take 'that' long to change... and it does help diversify the servers the players are on, and not just all be on a few servers.
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  17. ... Tried to prevent this on another thread with Jacob, said he doesn't care about that public vote. :/
  18. Volt isn't the only one who uses How about No xD
  19. i have never seen smp6 at more then around 17 people. all the reses around mine and blizzard's are abandoned
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  20. Dat forum profile picture