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  1. Hey guys!

    So this idea has been in the works for a while. And I thought I may as well finish it off and announce it. There has recently been an explosion in the number of wild outposts after the success of the LLO. So I have been talking to zulu9(Founder of LLO(NOT owner)) and he has wanted something like this for ages(The name was also his idea).

    What it is is an alliance between wild outposts. Any wild outpost could join and it would link them to other outposts to make recovering from griefers, getting materials or just hosting events easier. We can help each other out to found new outposts or we can allow members easier access to other outposts. Each member outpost can build an embassy at any other outpost BUT must follow that outposts rules. Anything to be discussed gets discussed here. There will be no staff or player members, just outpost members.

    • XYZ Convention(Possible)
    Current Members:
    • Last Light Outpost (smp7)
    • Desert Wanderers (???)
    • Mooshville (smp5)
    • Vildmark (smp8)
    • Ye Olde Watchtower (smp4)
    • Golfers Putpost (smp6)
    So for your outpost to become a member you can just post here and I will add you to the list.

    I hope I have explained everything ok. If you need any clarification just post and I will do my best.

    Thanks and have fun!
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  2. I have updated my post and we operate on: SMP4 but are looking to expand onto every server with different people hosting the 1 town.

    Desert Wanderers:

    Welcome EMC!

    Today I bring for you Desert Wanderers a new Wild Community for all servers!
    We currently work on:

    If there is a N/A and you want a town their PM me and we can sort something out.

    SMP1: N/A
    SMP2: N/A
    SMP3: N/A
    SMP4: Paradise
    SMP5: N/A
    SMP6: N/A
    SMP7: N/A
    SMP8: N/1
    SMP9: N/A

    Map Update:

    The ranks sort the town but without any major difference's just a way for poeple to know who does what etc.

    Owner - nfell2009/Fellyboy ONLY! Unless you have become a point where you are given this rank. Please dont ask for it
    Co-owner - diamond_viper ONLY! Unless you have become a point where you are giving this rank. Please dont ask for it
    Leader - Must make a new town and confirm it with nfell2009
    Top Builder - In charge of the towns builds for public and private including user homes
    Builder - Under the Builder Rank but is more into the community by building through out
    Miner - Controls making new mines and lighting the underground up
    Merchant - Sells and buys through the community
    Resident - Just multi-tasks through out the community
    Banned - (This rank cant be chosen) You have been naughty and banned from ALL Desert Wanderers and your name will be reported to a mod and posted onto a private section of the site for all Leaders to see.

    The town Paradise has the main features with other towns (Animal Island and Newton) hosting things we need such as farms and animal hosting because he can lack on space and have expanding the island DRAMATICALLY!

    Currently we have:
    Slime Chunk
    Golem Spawner (Not owned by us but an agreement with the owners)
    Auto stone gen
    Public mine
    Trading/Buying/Selling mall and a farm market soon!

    To apply:

    Why you want to join?:
    Witch server/town do you want to join?:
    What you bring?:
    Ever been banned?:
    If so why?:

    Thank You!
  3. Sure you can! If you need any help just ask and the other outposts should be able to help!
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  4. No one else wants to join? I made this at a quiet time so there must be some more people.
  5. I will update my Maps soon.
  6. Ok. So there will probably be an event once we get enough members. It will be call the XYZ Outpost Convention. It will be a big meeting of all the outposts and will be held at a different one each time.
  7. Desert Wanderers have started searching for an island to build a host room anyway if its ever our turn to host and for other Outposts to build embassy's
  8. I was going to make something like 'The Wilderness Union', named after the European union. Mooshville (smp5) and Vildmark (smp8) will join :D
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  9. Welcome ;)
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  10. You should specify in the op which server each community is on.
  11. Ye olde watchtower would like to join.

    Random picture:

    We are based on smp4, and any good buildings in the picture above are not by me ;)
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  12. Ok. All are in and thanks catwarrior that is a great idea!
  13. The smp6 first golfers putpost will join the XyZ alliance if that alright
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  14. Sure! Just post here if any assistance is necessary.
  15. Can Desert Wanderers (Paradise) Not host the first meeting, we want to get to know the owners of other outposts
  16. Ok. I was thinking of doing it at the LLO, but I have a new idea.
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  17. On the behalf of the LSCC as their leader, I admire your movement to unite the various wild community movements. We can't pursue a diplomatic relationship with the other outposts due to our secretive nature, but we'll have messengers keeping track of your progress in a completely non-creepy way when the LSCC gets set up more. :)
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  18. *cough*
  19. Hey i don't belong to any outpost but would be happy to join any who are joining XYZ PM me if i can join any :D
    I am the CO-CEO of a small company on Smp1 though and can provide stuff to whatever one i join
  20. What? I think I may know what you are on about...