All-You-Can-Kill Barbeque and Shooting Range (finally completed)

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  1. I'd like to welcome you to my jungle-themed res on smp9 for some shooting, cooking and eating! Admittance and meat is free. You are welcome to bring your own bows and arrows but if you do not have any, bows and arrows may be purchased on the ground floor entrance to the restaurant. You don't even have to use bows and arrows, really, I just think it's more fun. You can slash and punch them to death if you want to. As long as you have fun I don't care how you do it!

    So there is basically a limitless supply of chickens (as long as the egg-layers can keep up) that are literally popping out of the walls of the shooting range, eager to become your next meal. The shooting range is located just under the surface in a subterranean cavern beneath the restaurant/lounge. When you have killed enough chickens to satisfy you, simply return to the surface and head up the stairs to the second floor of the restaurant where you will find a selection of furnaces and coal to cook your freshly killed chickens to a golden crisp. Above that you'll find a lounge with a jukebox and open views. The bridge to the tree-top jungle terrace is located on the dining floor of the restaurant.

    On smp9 via the command /v Tiburok or /v 18036

    I hope you enjoy your stay!



    The barbeque restaurant with bridge to jungle terraces.


    Subterranean shooting range. Those dispensers at the far end supply the eggs at the touch of a
    pressure plate.

    dining room.png

    Kitchen and view of bridge to jungle tree lookout.
  2. This is really cool! And the idea of the barbeque too. For some reason, I miss some water between the trees or maybe surrounding the restaurant, but other than that it looks very nice.
  3. It's awesome. I recommend it to everyone.
  4. Nice Creative idea!
  5. This is the best thing since duct tape.
    Now if only i could manage to log on and actually try it......
  6. Wow...only if I wasn't on an outpost....fresh meat in town... that's REALLY rare...I long has the food in 413 been sitting there....?
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  7. Looks really cool! I will be visiting soon!
  8. I liked your suggestion so I put in a river. I'll be making a few adjustments to the water flow and I'll try to make the bridge look better, but thanks for the good suggestion!
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  9. Just went and messed with this a bit. Pretty awesome :D. I think this is the first public chicken farm I've seen.