all can fly on utopia richt now I have done all my parcours there :(

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  1. i see that that soon all people can fly at utopia town yust i have finish my last patcour (with build)
    Sorry no pictiurs i can't add it but when you take an look at my funpark (5408 (utopia(duh))) you see that it is prity much to build ,,, and delete

    but i got an suggestin when there is an fly flag I and i think more people don't have problems with it
  2. I don't feel like correcting this...
  3. I'll do it on an afther way can a mod close it?
  4. A mod close the thread? Report the OP and request it to be closed then a staff member will do so.
  5. Fly flag would be nice :)
  6. Doesn't a fly flag exist yet? I agree that, if a possibily, that would be great.
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  7. I think fly will just be disabled for everyone.
  8. Copying from the upgrade page: "Flying in Utopia Town
    To help build up that massive residence, Diamond members can fly while in town on Utopia! This does not include creative mode.
    Will soon be removed as a supporter perk, and be available to all on Utopia."
  9. Alright, just read it wrong then. I just saw the "Will soon be removed as a supporter perk" Hopefully there is fly flag then.
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