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  1. Hai guys, got some spare time so... time to get to know fBuilderS more!

    So, my IRL name is Finlay Sweet. Many call me Fin :p I live in West Sussex, south coast of England. I like English football, my team is sponsored by Starbucks, and IT. I'm extremely good at math and am in the top set for everything. At school I do German and French, French being my least favourite by far. I am 13, 1/8 welsh. My ingame name happens to be fBuilderS if you didn't realize. f and s are my initials combined with builder. My old name was f_Builder_s but I cleaned it up. I'm a very active person, can't get enough of any sports, but I mainly lounge around on my HP laptop :cool: I don't know anyone from EMC in real-life apart from a few derelict people and HannahEB. Me and her are going out fyi :)

    I found EMC whilst looking at voting websites, so thanks to all the voters who put EMC near the top :rolleyes: I have lived on smp5 my whole time. I completed the tutorial on smp4 though, I headed straight 5. Gosh I was smart back then.

    My first word on EMC was "bal". Very proud of it, brings a tear to the eye every time I see it. What a great piece of literature. The first person to post in chat whilst I was online was AussieZaid.

    I am generally know across smp5 as that guy who is always putting stuff in the wrong chat. I got rid of my bad habit to not put the / before commands :p I have owned 11463 99.99% of my EMC life. And my friends have always been stationed at 11313 since the 24th December 2014.

    I joined on the same day as ChumMiner, we always have joint landmark parties :D And on my 444th day it was HannahEB's 222th day {weird right?}. The first mod I met was Ahksel and the first mod I met on non-staffy duty was bloodra1n. He attended my 50 day party, I must've been such a nublet.

    I drive a 20V maroon Quattro in Need For Speed: The Run. Thanks for helping me remember fendy ;)
    Feel free to ask whatever below, since I must have missed something :D
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  2. Awesome! So, who is this HannahEB you speak of, she sounds great? ;)
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  3. Yup, sure is
  4. ^.^ Maybe I should do one on these threads :D
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  5. Totally
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  6. Another key point about you; you use the 20 valve Audi quattro on Need for Speed: The Run! :rolleyes: In all fairness, a very nice write-up, thanks for sharing :)
  7. Nice to know another 13 year old :)
    Also, what's your favourite food and animal? Just some random extra questions :D
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  8. Noodles and a squid!
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  9. You betrayed 4!
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  10. Isn't that the smp no-one cares about? *someone speaks to builder through ear piece* Oh, yup yup. Of course it is
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  11. Hi Fin. :)
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  12. Did ya mention meh? And heya Fin :)
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  13. Cool!

    Yes, I'd like to read that!
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  14. SMP4-gotten :p
  15. Welcome to the empire fin! :p
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  16. Can't believe I missed this. Well, actually, I can because I think I was offline when you wrote this.

    A (very) belated welcome to the Empire fbuilderS! On what server did you land? SMP4? Well, that is certainly a nice server to land on, I have quite a few friends who call that home. But of course, SMP5 is the home of PenguinDJ and GRIP and many others who are the hot and cool things or players to be around these days, obvious choice to go there.

    As surprising as this may sound I get the feeling that I met you more often already, which is of course a bit weird for a new player such as yourself.

    So if you have any questions about the Empire be sure to read the wiki :D

    Hope you're going to have fun here :)
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  17. Scuse me m8 but how do u get a plot i really wanna make a daimond pryamid
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  18. I wouldn't call him new, he's been on the server for well over a year.