ALERT: To Those With Promo Items / Supporter Gift Requests

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  1. Hey everyone!

    Since the drop party yesterday up until right now I have about 50 messages to go through for people requesting Egg Nog Trades, Supporter Promo Requests, etc.

    As today and tomorrow is Christmas, I may be a bit less active as I'll be doing things with family and all that, but I will get through them all in any down and in-between time I have.

    I request that you only send one message and please do not make multiples/send them to other staff. I'm not forgetting about any of them and will be doing them in the order they were received (bumping an old convo will move you further down the list to get done).

    Thanks for your patience and Merry Christmas!
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  2. First!
    Sounds good :D
    Hope you can get caught up.
    Have fun with your family!
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  3. So sad that I missed the DP :(
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  4. Sounds good.
  5. Question: would the eggnog be good to renew at a later date?
  6. You can turn in the eggnog anytime you wish in the future. However, it's only good for promo itmes that were released before it, so anything from 2013. I'm including the 60K promo items in that as well. :)
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  7. Ok thanks for telling me ICC.
  8. Is their possibly a list of all the promos?
  9. Does the Valentine Day Gift Rose count in this by any chance? :)
  10. ...Sorta.

    You can go through the old Empire News threads and see the posts.

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  11. I so wish people would give away free gold supporter vouchers... I WANT ONE SO BAD!
  12. Well this'll be funnn. :p
  13. Course not, eggnog expires silly :p
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  14. xL, here are a list of promos from what I know (they are all 2012-2013 releases and are ordered from oldest to youngest):
    -Vault Voucher.
    -2012 Empire Firework.
    -Valentine's Day Rose.
    -All 60k member celebration items.
    -Ore Busters.
    -Icc Voucher, although I don't know when that was handed out last.
    -Stable Voucher, Promo Horses: Incitatus, Valens, Staltar.
    -Independence Day fireworks: Iday firework, 2013 Empire Firework.
    -Labor Bench.
    -Haunted Head.
    -Turkey Slicer.
    -Reindeer, Holiday Pick, Egg Nog.
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  15. Specifically, not all of those were "promos" in the sense they were claimable from /promo, but the list is good :)
  16. I'm going to trade in my egg nog for another egg nog and then find a loop hole and get double egg nog. :L
  17. I take your eggnog first then give the item. Won't work.

  18. I am a rebel, therefore I will not agree. *puffs out chest and activates deep manly voice*
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  19. ^
    Finding the posts on this thread hilarious xD
    Anyways, Hope you have a great Christmas IcC! :D
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  20. Merry Christmas! You deserve a break after it all :D