[Alert!] They are still out there!

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Have you found a Super Turkey or Blizz Ard, After the event ended?

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Yes! 42 vote(s) 89.4%
No. . . 5 vote(s) 10.6%
  1. Guys!!! Blizz Ards and Super Turkeys are still in the wastelands and wilderness! Look in every cave, every ravine, every outpost! Look high and low! But! They aren't spawning though. I recommend trapping them, and look in groups. Also go very VERY far out, I don't think they are close to spawn (correct me if I'm wrong).

    Happy Hunting!
  2. Yep. I found two Super Turkeys in the wild, wild, nether frontier yesterday. :p
    Unfortunately no Turkey Slicer but tons of Cooked Turkey.
  3. Some are still there from being spawned and then not being killed or even found. People will continue to find them for quite a while, I bet some newer members may even get a bit confused with these creatures still roaming about! :p
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  4. Said every outpost twice... And I would not like anyone raiding my outpost for turkeys or snowmen. :)
  5. @Dragonhawk - oh shoot I didn't even realize that. OMG. The audacity!
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    I'm saving this Blizz till august and the super turkey for my birthday in march...
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  7. Explore the lower levels of the now abandoned "Eye of Stahlsis" in the overworld frontier (A tower with a path leading to it... It should be easy to find) I know I heard at least two blizz ards when excavating. Sometimes they were fighting creepers... Getting to the belly of it might not be the easiest. . . The tower is in a serious state of disrepair. I've heard there is lava and water everywhere.
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  8. Sorry guys, I got most of them on my Hunt Across The Servers.

    I have picked up at least one Mr Ard's nose from every server and of course quite a few from SMP6.

    But good luck, I only hunted in the wastes and fairly close to outposts. You will find them wherever people stayed for a goood length of time or travelled through regularly, especially in groups.
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  9. I obtained a Turkey Slicer from a turkey and a Blizz Ard's nose.
  10. Year: 2025

    The Empire has reached a civilized age and we are quarrying resources out of the Earth. Many great scientific accomplishments have happened and- wait, is that a Super Turkey?
  11. Smp7 /wnether center
    Look under the spawn ;3 3 of em just swimming there, fairly sure that they are stuck in the protected area and you can't get them out though..
  12. this is awesome
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  13. At LB Ind there are loads of blizz ards that have spawned but have yet to be found. I did recently find a super turkey and Luckygreenbird and I named him Reznov along with a blizz we captured named Ivan.
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  14. Super turkeys i ignore. the dont add anything. expect asome overworks 'mouse'finger. but there are still feast chests out there to. sometimes at places that you think why did nobody else found that.
  15. Found a Blizz 'ard on the way to my base in the frontier the other day. Then found a super turkey on the way back! So lucky xD (Although STILL didn't get a nose or turkey slicer D: )
  16. I have 22 blizz ard noses
  17. That's a good amount.
  18. Sure is. Any idea what the effect with be?