Aikar's New Business

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  1. So I was just going down the road in my home town and noticed that a new store had opened up. . .

    Aikar, I wish you the best in your new business.
  2. In case anyone was worried, I myself was not driving, so was able to take the picture.
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  3. wow.. is that actually his own store? That's cute :p.
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  4. No. That's AIkar.
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  5. I believe it's co-owned by his wife Malxarias.
  6. :confused: wow I see that now.
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  7. Does his shop sell emeralds
  8. The business to end all businesses.
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  9. AIkar
    AI kar
    AI car
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  10. The shop probably is a way to ruin the economy irl.
    *please don't attack me for making that joke :rolleyes:
  11. Aikar's REAL Economy Drop Party every Friday!

    disclamer: AIkar is not responsible for any damage caused my falling items from dispensers.
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  12. Why on earth would you say something that rude and immature? Aikar is a people too.
  13. Alkar will soon be releasing his furniture designs in EMC I believe. He was first testing the market from his roadside store.
    Disclaimer: this is all lies.
  14. That is so hard to see! xD
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  15. not
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  16. Mwuahaha... I can never get invisible text on my phone. Bummer.
  17. Why did Aikar never told us he owned another business :(
  18. lol... I tried to make it obvious.. too subtle?