Aikar's drop party

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  1. heres some photos from Aikars drop party , so feel free to post any you have 2013-02-07_18.05.25.png 2013-02-07_18.05.32.png 2013-02-07_18.07.17.png 2013-02-07_18.05.25.png 2013-02-07_18.05.32.png 2013-02-07_18.05.40.png 2013-02-07_18.05.44.png 2013-02-07_18.07.17.png
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  2. This was the best drop party ever! I got: a nether star, an emerald block, 4 emeralds and 14 diamonds :D
    Thanks Aikar! Ill post my pics later :)
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  3. :eek: So crowded…can't believe I missed it. :(
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  4. I didn't get anything, but it was still fun :p I did FN=F1 to take away all the name tags :eek:
  5. How I lost this? In what server was it?
  6. Smp1, /v Aikar
  7. =( I didnt get to see it I was doing homework... I wish i got some stuff..
  8. I was eating, but I am making up for it by mining until I get a full ender chest of diamonds (or diamond blocks)
  9. Soooo....

    Flying, wild vault, constant chat spam (come to smp1 - don't forget to vote), and now spawned drop parties.

    EMC is completely living up to its original values.
  10. Flying - On one server.
    Wild vault - Idea proposed.
    Chat Spam - I suppose you haven't tried another server lately....
    Spawned Drop Parties - No one answered you. Please don't make assumptions.
  11. I was unaware engaging with the community and working to improve the servers was a bad thing.
  12. Don't consider the items spawned. Consider them donations from your friendly banned players of the past. :)
  13. So basically a small repo giveaway?:D
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  14. There we go!

    I don't get why some people have to get all worked up over a community having fun together. I couldn't imagine living while trying to find bad everywhere I went.
  15. Yay!
  16. Id also like to point out that the value of said items was WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY less than the value of daily rupee income to players.

    Then, compared to the free rupees at christmas, its miniscule.

    But no-one (well besides Manic lol) seems to complain about our daily rupees/free rupee promotions?

    Rupees = Inflation
    Spawned Items = Stimulates the economy, Identical to the same thing as If i mined them myself, except without me spending the time. Guess what? I slave over EMC's code every single day for everyone.

    I think I've done my time to earn those items I gave away.....
  17. Yep, and you do a great job Aikar! Thank you! :D
  18. You've done your time to give out a couple of chestfuls of dragon eggs away. :p Though that would lead to some serious economy ruining.
  19. I didn't get anything, but I had fun (And 4 frames per second), and it was a great drop party.
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  20. i didn't know this was even going on :mad: :confused:
  21. This was fun... Almost as fun as Budder... Can't believe aikar forgot budder :(