Aikar is trying to ruin the economy again.

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by Xxandster700xX, Jan 16, 2013.

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  1. Before i get started AIKAR IS NOT REALLY RUINING THE ECONOMY! (I think). So i recently purchased a double chest of wooden doors to resell for profit. But when i went to sell it i got this:
    I have 1 theory for this:

    Aikar is ruining the economy. Shop sell sign's are down. The server is trolling pascals wooden door's sign.
    The server is trolling me. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In all seriousness i have no idea why the shop is giving me this. So can someone help me with this.
  2. Try right clicking with an empty hand.
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  3. Try using an empty hand.
  4. Yup still get it.
  5. You got these out of your vault? If you did it's likely they glitched and are still in the vault.
  6. Hmm, interesting.
    Aikar's online right now, he might suggest something.
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  7. Actually i got lucky and the person's res was also on the server im selling them on.
  8. Have you logged off and logged back in? If that fails, i don't know :/
  9. Yup
  10. You resell stuff, say byeeeee to movement at 1111 :D
    Thanks for being honest

    See what this post have triggered..
    Here is my full answer for you all:
    I would like to do low prices for newcomers and old members for their projects. But that seems to be impossible, since someone just need to abuse my shop as soon as they have a chance earning abit of rupees
    I have to do my prices bang high, so they are "un-resell-able"
    I don't enjoy banning people from my places, sometimes you just gotta do it..
    The talk about shop owners reselling is non-sense. Only around 10% of my stock comes from sellers...
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  11. wha?
  12. You must have bought from him, to resell to this other player. Its frowned upon by large shop owners, to say the least.
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  13. Some people, for whatever silly reason, block people from their res if they think someone is going to sell stuff bought at their res. From a profit point of view, this is a horrible idea, but they're welcome to do as they wish. Haha.
  14. I actually don't frown upon that action, I recommend it and find it to be a great financial move for all parties included.
  15. Stocking for other making profit is the silly thing.
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  16. Well, im going to reword that:p
    Edit: Done:)
  17. It's what Dell does!!!
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  18. It should really be no concern of a seller as long as they get the price they asked. Whether it was this guy or someone else you would have gotten your desired rupees. It affects you in no way other than gaining business. Sure you could go to the store HE went to to resell it, but instead you have your own personal middleman that will do it for you.
  19. Nope
  20. Reselling is diffrent from person to person. Personally i have lost 700k rupees to resellers, perhaps that is why i just instant-Ban people from my Mall when i see a player doing it.
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