Ahh what I get to wake up to

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  1. Nothing better than looking out the window in the morning and seeing this:

    #californialife, #firesomg, #whatsoutyourwindow
  2. We are the exact opposite - it's flooding here.
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  3. O_O The most exciting thing I ever see out the window is a dead pidgeon.
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  4. I was next to something like this late last year, I've been in less scary moments haha.

    Addition: I live in Australia, therefore my stuff is bigger
  5. Do you have to evacuate?
  6. Jeez mate, that's some intense flame , we had something like that back in 2005
  7. Yup, 20 metres high at one point.
  8. There's even smoke from that all the way up here!
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  9. Haha while I didnt get to see the fire, ashes were falling from the skies in Jacksonville didnt get to go to school cause YOU COULDNT BREATHE!
  10. Be safe! Hope everyone in your part remains safe, forest fires are a very dangerous thing.
  11. That sucks.

    In the winter, I usually wake up to a 4 inches of snow. In the summer, I usually wake up to 100 degree weather.

    Ohio is weirdest freaking climate I have ever seen.
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  12. where is that fire located. Here in SF there is just... grey.... (im actually a bit outside of SF...)
  13. It's like 105 degrees here on average, yesterday it was 109 at my work, and it's going to get hotter into june

  14. but on a serious note, hope everything is alright
  15. i cant be the only one who read that a different way.
  16. Flapjack...
  17. the biggest fire i've seen was a grill
  18. Well, here in Kentucky, he have so much variety of weather, sometimes we get hurricane conditions, sometimes extreme heat, sometimes Blizzards, you just never know what will happen

    on the original topic: At first I thought that was an erupting volcano
  19. Hey dark, dont forget tornados. we get all too many of those.
  20. Oh indeed my good irl friend!