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Does AfterGlow sound cool?

Yes. 21 vote(s) 72.4%
No. 2 vote(s) 6.9%
I don't know. You tell me. 2 vote(s) 6.9%
D. All of the above 4 vote(s) 13.8%
  1. Hi guys. I've recently started a mini team with my good friends mba2012, Jakres, jimbonothing64, Luke4214 and NINJATTILA.

    We are planning on building a chain of hotels in the wild. They would be free, of course. Our current plans are to have one at the LLO, one at Sunstreak Islands, and possibly one within the New Republic.

    We also might build a mega mall, or possibly even a chain group of mega malls.

    Our HQ will be on SMP2, at /v Jimbonothing64-3.

    So yeah. I don't know why I made this thread so early, but we'll be keeping you updated with our outposts, builds and more!

    Still not sure what do with applications and accepting people…I'll have to see about that. Stay tuned.
  2. Sounds cool!
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  3. Sounds awesome. I will apply when you figure out the application process.
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  4. Yay The threads up :p Well hope you enjoy our fine work!
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  5. Hehehe just found the thread
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  6. YAY Threads! Erm... not much else to say. Just, if you guys want to help with our HQ feel free to donate rupees, gray wool, glass or iron/iron blocks!
  7. I wanna join
  8. Sorry to burst your bubble but if you read the OP we aren't recruiting as of yet.
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  9. I thought this had something to so with the PDP AfterGlow products. :p
    Good luck!
  10. So what? That doesn't mean we have to build our structures in the town.
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  11. i know but still....
  12. What is we have ways....
  13. Love that acknowledgement that my project is a thing :D
    If you do decide to build in the New Republic, please keep in touch with me and the government for planning arrangements for your land :)
    We'd also be happy if you could trade in our currency once we get it set up :)
    I also recommend you maybe make a bank in the New Republic along with any mall you make, it'll help us kickstart the currency :)

    But anyway, I have a question; how will you circumvent griefings?
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  14. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help out with the Sunstreak Islands one.
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  15. Lol, mba suggested it.
    Will do. :)
    Griefings…I was thinking about that. We could always do what we normally do, repair it. But then there's the dragon egg update…not sure how far out you'd have to be to claim land though.
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  16. Support!
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  17. Think its 10k IDK
  18. I will be accepting TWO members into a sub-division of AfterGlow. This division is the ReShine group, in charge of repairing griefings at wild outposts in which the members might be a part of (these outposts don't have to have anything to with AfterGlow, I'm just trusting that you will help fix the community you are in), and help make the wild a more used place.
    I quote what my thoughts were in the LLO thread about what is happening to the wild:
    So that was for the LLO. Just swap out the stuff that relates to the LLO with other stuff. The wild won't be used as much due to the release of the wastelands, so I hope to get more people into the wild, and build a greater community in this SURVIVAL MULTIPLAYER server.
    Now, for the application for ReShine:
    Time on EMC:
    Have you been banned?:
    If so, why?:
    How many wild outposts are/have you been in?:
    Do you like the wild?:
    Will you help make the wild a better place?:
    If anybody has any questions, just respond to the thread and I'll get to them asap. :)
  19. I can help.

    You will need to help me get back to the LLO again. Yes, I am daft at times.
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