After almost one year of preparation....

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  1. I am finally ready to relaunch the SMP5 Massive Excavation Project.

    Since originally being banned, I have done extensive research into how to execute the project properly. I have studied the fluid dynamics of lava in order to create the most efficient possible lava walls, the most productive methods of gathering lava, the quickest way to create the dirt scaffoldings necessary to create a lava wall with a perimeter of 2,000 blocks, the minimum required to create a lava wall around SMP5's wild spawn.

    On one thread, I posted details of how many lava buckets one would need to surround SMP5's wild spawn. That wasn't concocted on the spot, I found that information over 2 months ago during my studies.

    I shall now explain my plan.

    1. A trench around the perimeter of the SMP5 Reset Zone will be made, a single block wide and going to bedrock.
    2. A dirt scaffolding shall be erected.
    3. I shall ship out the 5 double chests of lava buckets required to the border.
    4. I shall deploy the lava buckets at the height level, one block of lava for every four blocks in the scaffolding space.
    5. An entrance will be created, with a locked door allowing me to charge toll fees for entry.
    6. Once the lava reaches the ground, the lava wall will be declared constructed.
    7. Cell quarrying will begin around the lava wall. Retrieved resources will be sold off at the big shops and the money will be put into expanding the lava wall.
    8. This shall continue until the lava wall is so thick, it reaches the Far Lands.
    If you are interested in assisting, pm me. I promise you a hefty salary.
    Also, april fools.
  2. Count me in.
  3. I was hoping you would deploy this on smp8, but whatever, you have my support.
  4. I used to be opposed to this idea, but now I support it with all my heart. I can see the truth now: socialism really is the best type of economic system. We need someone wise enough to take over and make sure that the people of EMC can get dependable and reasonably priced goods. If you need help convincing the moderators to let you do this, then I'm willing to devote all my time and energy without salary. In fact, I'll even buy diamond supporter-ship and donate all four of my residences to the cause.
    All praise to our wise and glorious leader 72Volt! May his lava walls burn bright forevermore!
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  5. I lead EMC now, I approve :cool:
  6. Ah, I remember the old thread, I'm in! :p
  7. Right...
  8. that's just not fun, you know
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  9. glad i have a wild port
  10. He will work out there's outpost's soon.
  11. [CIRCLE]Approves.
  12. Lol, I will help xD, I remember killing the original lava wall :)
  13. You. I like your attitude.

    o rly
  14. I understand there may be opposition to the project.
    However, please imagine the taste of the smores which can be roasted on a lava wall like this, and I'm sure you'll change your mind. :)
  15. "live free or die" that's e state motto
  16. You will also have to make walls around the wild outposts.
  17. Smart thinking... Now we will have 5x the income!
  18. It shall be done.
  19. Here's an idea: Build the lava wall around the protected spawn on Smp2 instead. The players there need to become less
    spoiled. lol