AFK Selfie Challenge

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  1. Hello Empire,

    In response to Stinkydoodie catching me browsing the internet and not building as I'm meant to be...

    ... I'm setting the community a challenge!

    What to do
    During the month of January, Take a Selfie with me anywhere in the Empire while I am AFK, post it here with the time and date, and I will pay you 1,000 rupees.

    Good luck and happy hunting!

    • You may only submit 1 screen shot per day (still a chance to make 25k!)
    • Screen shot must contain both your own avatar, and my avatar.
    • Alternate accounts will not be allowed (I can find out)
    • Only screen shots taken within January 2015 will be allowed (No old ones will be counted, but feel free to post for hilarity sake)
    -I reserve the right to run this again in any month without warning so watch this space!
  2. *demotes Simon for being afk while green*
    He's not really afk, just checking on all the fun staff threads on the site...right Simon???
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  3. creative thing :) (now never say AFK in chat again :p)
  4. Caught hunting for the Tv remote >_<!

    Well done for first :D
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  5. 2015-01-08_20.22.56.png uhg.. dont afk underground xD
    (me and your green name)
    EDIT: I got a bit close, maybe you can read the name now :3
  6. Looks like you will have to find a way down, the screenshot has to have his avatar in it too! :p
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  7. Good catch but need both Avatars, try again :p

    P.s. I was in the TARDIS
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  8. 2015-01-08_15.22.28.png
    Residence 14005, around 3:18pm EST.
  9. Good catch I thought I was safe in that tree.
  10. Imma stalk you until you're afk :cool:

    The colour is 2a2a2a ;)
  11. If I wanted it to be completely hidden, I would have done so =P
    But thanks for the reminder.
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  12. Haha, just about hidden looks better tbh :p
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  13. I'd like to say that could be anyone :p can't see your face :D
    and who carry's those items on them :p
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  14. I was in the wild =P
  15. Got this one at 8:08 PM, 08/01/2015.

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  16. I like how I seem to gaze off into the distance, but look just above the horizon in all of these so far.
  17. there we go took me a bit of time to get it up but there it is
    time is about 10 minutes before this post and date is 1/9/2015
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