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  1. There has been this AFKing player at my iron farm for at least 7 hours, and its getting on my nerves because I cannot use the farm until he leaves. It would be nice if when a player was AFKing for 3 hours he would be kicked.
  2. Is it a public iron farm >:)
  3. There is a AFK kick but it only turns on when the server is more than half full.

    But if some one is AFK'ing at a farm you built, pm a mod and ask them kick the AFK player.
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  4. If it is indeed public, they player afking still has to respect the fact that they need to share. I'm not saying that afking is bad just that at a public facility players need to be considerate of other players...
  5. No farms are private, because all territory is available to all/any players.
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  6. The farm you are referencing collects the iron in a chest below. I do nit understand why you cannot collect what is there while you are. The signs nearby say that active players keep the iron that generates while they are there.

    Note: Iron that generates while afk player is there ALONE is still afk player's property.
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  7. A player who built the farm should have respective authority over any chests and hoppers design to collect loot at their farm.
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  8. The rules here punish people who take the initiative and build things and favor less ambitious players. I know it's nice to share and I often do by choice. Being forced to share without any choice in the matter is something else and can be irritating.

    A few people have complained about me not having very good rates at my Iron farm. That is because I haven't stocked the Villagers since I used it last about six months ago. Oddly, no one seems too enthusiastic about using it.

    The same thing happened when someone started taking gold from my grinder area and kept using the potions and anvils I was stocking. I just stopped supplying them.

    You can't stop someone from "sharing" it with you, but that doesn't mean you have to keep it in good working order or supplying it for them. Nor does it mean that you can't make modifications that might impact its efficiency.
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  9. You just said the rules here punish people who build things and don't comply with leachers who use your farms. Of course you don't comply with the modification of making a farm for another players standards, or else you are conforming to their demands, and it's no longer your farm.
  10. .. If _you_ built the iron farm, and the iron collects in a chest _you_ placed. Then it's 100% yours. Whether there is an AFK player or not. (I'm happy to explain the reasoning behind all that, and i'm sure a mod will agree).

    If you didn't build it, it's 100% NOT yours. But the person who built it may allow you to use it and take the iron (as per a sign like someone said).

    If _you_ built it, I can help you design a system that ensures you get your iron, or a share of the iron, and that people cannot AFK at the farm. Just a bit of redstone, and timers, and on/off hoppers connected to chests will solve all that.

    (press the button, and the iron collects in the open chest for the next 3hrs while you remain on the pressure plate). After that, the iron collects in owners locked chest)

    (Alternatively, Iron can be evenly shared between an open and a locked chest, such that the owner gets a share of all iron produced at the farm, the rest is for whoever wants it).

    Basically, any way you want to do it, is doable.
  11. Why not just lock the collection chest?
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  12. Break the hoppers der.
  13. It's funny how ppl don't see from my perspective and stop talking.
  14. Pretty sure anyone going into chests or using stuff that isn't theirs is 'stealing' and banable?
  15. No dude, I've caught ppl stealing from chests' and they didn't get banned.
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  16. I've caught noobs stealing from my gold farm chests dude, and it was deliberated if the player be kicked or not.
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  17. I would argue, (not with you since I think we are on the same page) that if I have no choice when it comes to who can use something I've built and when they can use it, that it was never mine in the first place. It makes me rather grumpy so my generosity switch gets flipped to Off whenever I'm put into a situation like JHZ's.
  18. Well then that is illegal, farms can be used, they can not however, be tampered with or destroyed.
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  19. There's a big divide between knowing someone is doing it and proving it, which is what is needed to get someone banned. My solution is to cut off the supply and go do something else for a while. People that do this have little ambition and will usually leave.

    Good luck figuring out who did it. I recently had someone afk at a farm and they had a Creeper follow them, destroying the collection area. Nothing I can do but smile and tell them it's ok then rebuild.

    I used to pay more attention to Live Map and check EMC Investigator and stuff but rarely do any more. All that time I was spending collecting information and documenting it for the mods just wasn't worth it.
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  20. I have built farms. Some are public, and people may use them. However!

    I have asked staff about the particulars of this. And I have been assured that takeing anything from a chest you did not build is stealing. Unless you specifically give permission via a sign or such.

    _Spawners_ are public property however, and players may use spawners freely. They cannot however alter your build. If you build around a spawner you find in such a way that mobs cannot be reached without breaking it. Then they cannot use it can they? If you put mobs into an auto-killer which also collects the loot, a player cannot break your build to get to the mobs. That is griefing.

    My point is. If you build your farm in such a way that allows a player to collect loot or kill mobs, they are allowed to. If you build it so they cannot, and they grief your build to get to it, it's banable.

    And AFKing at a farm doesn't automatically entitle you to the loot. :)