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  1. As a enchanter, obviously I have a mob grinder. While sitting at the mob grinder I walk away to go get some icecream and come back and I am disconnected by server.
    I know the reason: Back when the slots were 60/60 all the time and nobody could get in when they wanted to, people would stay on the server AFK and not logout. I think after about 10-15 minutes it auto-kicks you, which is a bummer, knowing that there was probably five levels of xp worth in mobs down there. I just would like the kicking time to be longer, like 25-30 minutes afk.You can completely disagree with this, but it would help me and I am sure alot more other people out alot.
    Another idea. If you have 5 levels of xp mobs you are going to kill, and you are at level 27. You would get 32 right? Go home, enchant a pick. Well the thing is it took you more xp to get from 30-32 than from 0-2. So shouldn't it balance out, like it would change from 2 to 6 or something? I don't know, just an idea for Jeb.
    I feel refreshed and new again b/c I have not made a thread in a while.And now here it is.
    Thanks for reading,
    don't hate,
  2. Hmm... I think it should be 20 minutes.
  3. Yah something like that.
  4. What server where you on? I haven't been kicked from AFK'ing in months! :eek: Anyway, I agree. When that would happen on smp3 I would rage. Once I only went to go to the shop to buy electricity (which is about 5 mins), I came back and I had been kicked after 8 minutes.
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  5. Guys, the afk kick was disabled a long time ago. It is only active now if the servers are within 5 slots of being full. Maybe you are being disconnected because of the servers rebooting every two hours now?
  6. I don't get disconnected for over 2 hours of AFK..
  7. Well thats what i got banned for, AFKing at my grinder on Utopia.
  8. Also, you shouldn't be AFK for 20 - 30 minutes. We have had numerous dicsusions on its effect to the servers and others. You should be killing your mobs so they don't stack up high enough to cap the server. If you have two or three people gringding at once, and all afk for 20 minutes, your capping more than likely. If you wanna AFK while waiting for trees to grow, or crops or breeding cows, no big deal as long as you are not preventing others from logging in, but AFKing at a spawner effects others that are using darkroom grinders and the like and is just plain rude and disrespectful.

    speeling erair
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  9. You got banned for abusing the mob cap, which is not nearly the same thing as wandering off for some ice cream...
  10. Well i wandered off to walmart and forgot to log off a few times :confused:
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  11. how?
  12. Let him dream guys! No one tell him Jeb doesn't read EMC forums!
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  13. Yeah the afk kick really doesn't happen unless the server are close to full like margaritte said.
    The only reason I can think of is the automatic reboot.
  14. Uhm... the servers have been rebooting every like hour right now. when the afk kick WAS active, it would show you an afk kick messgae. if it was just disconnected by server, it may have been the server rebooting.
  15. oid, hash has 14 thousand exp points this month. golfer has 224 thousand. Somehow I doubt that he simply "forgot" to log out when he went to wal-mart, several times and got himself banned... One thing we can pretty much agree on is that our moderating staff don't ban people without good reason. Golfer's says "issue after issue".
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  16. Its two hours :)
  17. Now, lets please not talk about my ban, will never be undone, and i dont really care anymore... so... just drop it i dont care anymore
  18. I wasn't trying to offend you, golfer. I'm sorry if I did. I was just pointing out, for oid's benefit, that your cases are very different when it comes to exp.
  19. OK, no problem. Just noting that i am not trying to change or justify my actions.
  20. I only stay away for 5-10 minutes at most. I wouldn't do that to the server.