[ ADVICE ] Selling my whole res...?

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  1. Okay, so I haven't been on EMC long, but I'm already wanting to get a lot of rupees, so that I can fund a project of mine in the frontier. I've already sold all my promos, and have a decent amount of money for that, but I'd like more. On that note, I think selling my entire residence would be an effective way of doing so.
    Now, this may seem purely greed driven... And, well, money (rupees) is a factor, but I also want a fresh start, and what better way than getting a new res and money to boot?
    I looked at EMC's wiki page (https://empireminecraft.com/wiki/residence-selling-rules/) on the matter, and it clarified that auctioning isn't on the table, I can only outright sell. Anyways, I was just hoping that the community could help me figure out exactly how this would get done, and maybe how much it would be worth. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

    There are a lot of images of the base, so instead of inserting them all into the thread, here's an imgur link:
    If you want to see it for yourself, its /smp5 /v ParadoxialRays.

    I would be selling it as-is, so everything in the chests would go along with it. (If you want to see the contents of the chests to get a better picture, I have /togglepreview enabled.)

    Again, any help getting this all sorted would be appreciated. I'm not asking people to buy it quite yet, just help on doing so. :D
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  2. I've never payed to much attention to this feature but from what I heard (which may or may not be all true) for selling the residence the buyer needs to have room for an extra res. Ex : a limit of 2 or more reses (assuming that they keep their old one)

    The part I'm not sure 100% about is that each person (buyer and seller) must pay a transfer fee which is 25k each I think so keep in mind the selling price is not the total price

    That's all that I really know or have heard about, your residence looks awesome and good luck on your goals !
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  3. Interesting, I also haven't seen this in a while. :)
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