Advice on how to make lots of rupees without opening a mega mall.

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  1. Hello EMC,
    I am here today to discuss on how to make rupees with no mega mall required. :)
    I have some tips as said below.

    -Create a small shop where you mainly sell items based on your profession, for example say you are an expert farmer then you can sell farmed goods or if you love killing then sell mob drops.

    -Run services based on your profession, I in particular love to do this as I am a master at redstone or if you are a great builder do what AlexChance did and create a famous building service.

    -Sell items to other shops, there are many shops that have a sell sign well it is there for a reason and it is there for you to make some rupees and for him/her to be able to keep their shop in full stock.

    I hope you all found this advice helpful please leave your thoughts as it could help me give more advice in the future. :)
  2. Have you started voting? That's a great way! You get like 65k on your 100th vote. Doing services is a great way! I know players are looking for redstone mechanics, so you could earn a lot of rupees there. Enchanted items sell pretty fast also. Over 4k for a weapons/tools/armor.
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  3. Well I am away on a road trip but I will be back in about 2 weeks, though I will be logged into EMC in game from time to time I will be on my phone making me unable to move or do work but I will be happy to help out when I return. :)
  4. And yes I have started voting I am alost to 100 but probably lost it and I will ask for it to be continued when I get back.
  5. Staff won't change vote streaks for you, regardless of the situation.
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  6. Dude they allow your streak to be bumped almost back up to where it was and that is what Krysyy told me when I was getting my supportership deactivated and my residences on derelict protection for the trip.
  7. To be honest I forgot about this thread by anyways bump!
  8. If you feel like making a lot of money quickly, go visit This will give you a list of shops to sell all of your goods you get from mining. :)
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  9. Nice!
    That's true, but you don't need to ask for that.