Advice asked: Where should my redstone tutorial be build?

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Where should I build my tutorial examples?

Poll closed Aug 1, 2016.
The Utopia residence. 13 vote(s) 92.9%
A single player world. 1 vote(s) 7.1%
Other (please leave a comment below!) 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Hi gang!

    Enough is enough, I really need your help with this one as I strongly get the feeling that I'm not making any progress here at all. That 'wonderful' feeling of taking one step forward, only to be pushed back 10 steps backwards.

    As you may, or may not, know I've been planning to start a redstone tutorial almost from the moment I became a part of the contribution team. I've done something like this before on "another place" which got a lot of positive feedback, so I hope it's something people can also enjoy over here as well. Another thing is that I truly think this could also benefit EMC; if my tutorial would be placed & used on the blog I'm somewhat convinced that it would attract attention.

    Problem: Where do I put all the required examples?

    You can't have a tutorial without examples, and having the examples accessible to players would also mean that it could be more fun to follow the tutorial. You're not studying redstone: you're playing with redstone stuff and hopefully you remember some things about what you did and saw.

    There are two possibilities here: My Utopia residence or a single player world. I already talked to staff about the possibility of using a single player world and it wouldn't be something they'd reject up front. Of course it would have to be checked before they can actually decide on this.

    Recently I decided to go for a single player world (also because I gain access to command blocks) but I get doubts every time I start working on my tutorial, right up to a point where I'm asking you guys.

    SO here are some pro's and cons which I thought about:

    Using my Utopia residence

    • If I need help I can ask & simply hand out flags.
    • It's on the Empire, so if new players discover my tutorial they might be tempted to join EMC and check it out.
    • The area is fully protected, so I'm in full control and can make sure that it'll remain consistent with the tutorial.
    • There are major differences between singleplay and server usage. Most people play on servers, so the examples would fully match their environment.

    • Costs: I'll have to provide all the materials to build this myself (mostly redstone components obviously).
    • Empire has some specific changes in comparison to vanilla (think hopper speed). Most won't affect this tutorial much right now, but there's always a change that some things could change in the future.
    • In order to fully follow the tutorial you'd have to be a player on EMC. Not a huge con, but it could make the tutorial less accessible.
    • More than one player: if you're following the tutorial together with someone else you might have to wait in line before you can use some things (though I sincerely doubt this would happen ;)).
    • Limit building space (sorta ;)).
    • I have some examples already set up and copy/pasting these on EMC is a bit of a hassle.
    Using a singleplayer world:

    • No material costs because I'll have creative mode available.
    • Nearly unlimited space to build and set things up.
    • If it gets spread then it is possible that people would learn about the Empire through this single player world (it would have plenty of EMC references).
    • The only thing I have to worry about is changes between Minecraft versions, it'll be fully compatible with vanilla.
    • I can easily copy/paste already build structures (using the new structure blocks in MC 1.10).
    • Players can easily remove and change things to experiment themselves.

    • My building / creativity limitations might be showing much more since I can't blame it on lack of materials or such ;)
    • Getting help would be a major hassle. I can't simply invite people over (sort off...).
    • If Minecraft updates to a new version then there's always a chance that things stop working. Players might blame the map without bothering to look for a new version.
    • Time spend on this project takes away my precious EMC time ;)
    • I get the feeling that I need much more than merely redstone examples, so also some good looking buildings and such.
    My question: what do you think would be best for an EMC redstone tutorial?
    And thanks very much in advance for your input!
  2. utopia res i would like to help :D
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  3. Another con for the single player world is novice players being able to actually download and view the world. You would be surprised at the number of people that can not figure out how to access their minecraft folder and their saves folder. Sure you can have a tutorial to show them how to get there, but people sometimes will just give up if it seems too difficult. In addition, every time you want to update the world with added tutorials, changes to previous tutorials, or just to fix a spelling error on a sign in game, everyone would have to re-download the world.

    However hosting this project on a Utopia res on EMC would provide easy, reliable, and consistent access to the redstone tutorial.

    Hosting this on EMC would also, imo, provide you more opportunities and options than a single player world. When a person downloads a single player world, the only instructions they get are in-game and through the tutorials you create. Whereas on a Multiplayer server, you could host live redstone tutorial events with groups of people, which would be a lot of fun. It is always more enjoyable learning in a group, and this could become an awesome EMC event.

    In addition, you can also provide more 1-on-1 teaching with people if you are playing with them live.

    Lastly, there are tons of players on EMC that are great with redstone, and there are many of them that would love to help you with this by teaching other players redstone. Hosting this on EMC, you would have much more support than if you just created a single player world.

    Anyways, these are just my 2 cents on the idea. Good luck to you!
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  4. I would be interested in seeing it on Utopia... as it would also really make it a part of the empire.... signs there could also direct players to the tutorial page.

    I would be interested in learning some redstone use myself.

    You also feel you would have to supply all the materials... but you could ask for donatio s... we are a community :)
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  5. A small bump (sorta.. I know, not within 3 hours, sorry) but: The result of this poll will be final. I honestly kept deciding back and forwards and right now I am working on a single player world but it never really felt good to me. That's also why I ask.

    Sure: I do hope that my stuff might attract new players, I really think EMC is deserving of that, but I mostly do this in hopes that you guys (the EMC community) might like it. As such I decided to ask you and whatever you decide on will be the final decision.

    Looking at the votes now this is not going to become easy, but you guys got my word that I'll give it the best I got to make it work!

    Thanks again for all the input so far, I really appreciate it!
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  6. ShelLuser, stealing my thunder one post at a time.

    I wrote a fairly long 1.9 Installing Mods tutorial 2 months ago, hasn't been published. Then I found yours last week. And it looks the same.

    Now I hear you're planning to build a redstone museum on utopia. And I prob won't get to start mine for a couple months at least. Why do I bother???
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  7. Uh, oh, now I'm in trouble :p

    Well, there is a difference between the forums and the blog of course. But yeah, I did write something like that some time ago.

    Well, not so much a museum but more like a collection of examples which should add to my upcoming redstone tutorial. That's really my main concern: the tutorial. And to make that a little more attractive (and to provide examples) I'm planning on setting something like this up. But my main goal are redstone examples, not so much a museum.

    Even so, there's no reason why there can't be two of course. Or... We could also consider joining forces. If your drive is mainly a museum while mine is a tutorial then we might be able to combine some of our efforts. Who knows...

    Maybe food for thought? At any rate I'll drop you a PM later this week to discuss some options without risking to share any spoilers.