Advertise emc at your school XD

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  1. Now that you know this
    Start advertising at your school :3

    And post a referral link on it (if your school isn't like mine and blocked the emc website)
  2. True dedication...count me in!
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  3. Lol!!! Actually... 7 or more people from my school play EMC or know about it xD!
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  4. Hm... there's probably no one who would actually look it up or join because of something like this, though :p
  5. I don't see why not? I would definitely be curious... or perhaps thats just bias? Either way, I seriously doubt he is the only person in that class that plays minecraft :D
  6. Ha! I actually like this a lot.
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  7. I saw someone the other day that came from my forums :confused: maybe its not COMPLETELY dead yet. However the game has been closed for like five months so... not sure what they were looking for there, perhaps the same nostalgia I get when I view it?
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  8. LOL Chespin, I think you made more troublemakers in school :p
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  9. Those who think for themselves are always considered troublemakers ;-)