Adventures of the Mini-miner

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  1. Hey Everyone!

    This thread is about playing Minecraft with very young players (Under 6) and activity suggestions for that age group.

    My Mini-miner:

    Every few weekends I have the pleasure of playing Minecraft with my favorite little MC addict. We'll call her "Aurora" here, as that's the persona she's decided to take on when she highjacks my alt. Aurora is 4 years old, and she has minecraft, or as she calls it, "building game," on xbox at home. Generally she is more of a creative director of sorts, telling people what to build or where to go.

    A few months back, I introduced her to EMC, and her first taste of playing minecraft on a computer. It has really been a lot of fun. We like to go shopping (of course her favorite thing to buy is diamond armor$$$), ride rides, and have parties. She gets very excited when we have 'guests' show up. I think it's the biggest benefit of playing on a server for her. She loves when people 'bow,' jump,and talk to her in chat. It's still all very magical for her.

    She's also learning a lot.... a four year old is more absorbent than you can ever imagine. For example, today she learned who Steve is... not because I taught her, but because she asked while I was changing skins, and later told her dad proudly that the blue guy is Steve. She also has an amazing capacity for remembering game rules (seriously she knows what to lead/breed each animal with better than I do.)

    Recently we've been working on her controlling her own avatar. Shes got W and Jump down, although I still have to direct with the mouse. I set up one of my drop parties for her, and let her work on picking up all the items as they fell. She had fun, and shes one step closer to using her own computer when we play.

    About this thread:

    I'm always trying to come up with fun and *somewhat* educational things to do when she visits. I know that there are others on the Empire with younger friends and family members who might appreciate being included in game play, rather than just watching. I'm going to use the next post as an idea board for things that may be both fun for very young players, and tolerable for their older 'guides' to do as learning activities on EMC. If you have any ideas, or very simple public games or activities, that you think should go on the list, please post a reply and I will add them. I know that this thread doesn't speak to a large audience here, but hope it is interesting and helpful to at least a few.
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  2. Suggestions:

    WASD / Mouse Controls - Drop Parties, Riding Horses
    Playing with dye's/ Mixing Colors
    Shopping (using a budget, more/less)
    Counting, all the millions of things to count lol
    Making Jeb Sheep, tends to be a favorite
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  3. Having some Easter Fun:

    So I had to build this on a creative map to get all the different colored eggs and to get it done in time for this afternoon, but still thought I'd share it here since it was built for Aurora to help celebrate Easter. I introduce to you, the Mini Easter Egg Hunt Drop Party:

    What I did was build a little garden and pack it full of bunnies. Next I built up some trees and canopy and added a drop-party mechanism. I filled all of the droppers with the prettiest spawn eggs and some enchanted "Easter Eggs" I got through command blocks( with "Happy Easter" lore of course.) Since she can't get rainbow sheep on Xbox, I had to add the obligatory jeb_ sheep and voila! We will be playing this later on today. My hope is that she can navigate around the small area on her own using the pc controls :)

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  4. Wow, under 6? :eek:
    I wish I would've played at that age :rolleyes:
    Actually, I can't quite remember when I started to use the pc. I think at 6 or 7.
  5. She's four, and she's amazing! She is more tech savvy than I was in my late teen years...
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  6. When my little brother started playing Minecraft (I think he was 6) he was way better than my mother ever has been, no matter how much she tried ;)
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